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Camp Finch Hattons en Kenia parque
Embark on a journey to Kenya at the exclusive Finch Hattons, where luxury and privacy are redefined by Virgin Limited Edition.
In the heart of Morocco, we find two jewels that capture the essence of Moroccan art de vivre: Royal Mansour Casablanca and Royal Mansour Marrakech.
An exclusive evening in a Star Bed, where privacy is combined with the thrill of a wild night under the starry sky of Africa.
NUBA presents its new NUBA 2024 Catalog at an exclusive event. A tribute to the stories that the company has been weaving with its travelers for 30 years.
In 2024, the travel universe expands with places that will take your breath away. Discover our exclusive selection of must-see countries for this year.
With the arrival of spring we travel to places that go beyond the tourist postcards. This Easter, let's fly to the most outstanding destinations.
Discover four conservation projects in this magical continent that strive to preserve the unique biodiversity that defines Africa.
Why should a trip to Uganda be on every traveler's bucket list? Find out from our expert Andrea García.
On this World Beaches Day, we want to highlight the importance of choosing beach destinations that share our commitment to sustainability.
This year give yourself the world. Turn Christmas into an unforgettable moment by living exclusive experiences in Vietnam, South Africa, Kenya and India.
It's time to start dreaming of landscapes covered in warm colors, mild temperatures and the opportunity to immerse ourselves in vibrant local cultures!
NUBA gives you the opportunity to make your travel dreams come true, taking you to destinations such as Mongolia, Nepal, Turkey, Uganda or Mauritius.
With its crystal clear waters, vibrant marine life and spectacular underwater scenery, Africa is home to some of the world's most breathtaking diving destinations. And the best part? They are committed to sustainability and marine conservation!
Each space, designed as a journey for the senses, will immediately transport us to the secret and sumptuous history of one of the most sublime hotels in existence. Discover some NUBA experiences for your next tailor-made trip to Marrakech.
One more year, we have decided to go out of the conventional routes marked on the maps, with a surprising and extraordinary collection of NUBA experiences for your next tailor-made trip. Faraway places, exotic lands or lost deserts
From mansions perched on cliffs and vineyards surrounding old farmhouses, to iconic national parks and large reserves in which to track down the five great...
We arrived on the African continent aboard the Turkish Airlines flight, after a stopover at Istanbul Airport, where we were able to enjoy the wonderful advantages of having traveled in the company's Business Class. While we disembark easily and comfortably, we prepare ourselves, full of illusion, to live new and unforgettable experiences.
Africa is the cradle of humanity. John Hemingway said he kept a secret and called it "magic". Magic that their tribes preserve in a world that is advancing faster and faster and that does not understand waiting.
I was fortunate to share this wonderful destination with a group of NUBA colleagues. Chance made us all women, without expecting that in this fabulous Odyssey, Homer would pick up our song.
When talking about Namibia, images of the gigantic reddish dunes of Sossusvlei, in the Namib-Naukluft National Park, located in what is considered the oldest desert in the world, immediately come to mind. And this is certainly one of the country's biggest attractions, but Namibia has much more to offer.