Sometimes, a trip doesn’t have to be long or to a faraway place; it just has to take us to a new place… Take advantage of any occasion to embark on a short but intense journey, in which to concentrate the essence of the destination and the best it has to offer to shape a perfect experience.

Engadin Lago barco Suiza


The great lakes

Say goodbye to the sun as you lose yourself behind the mountains from a luxury boat, over the crystal clear waters of the Engadin lakes and while enjoying an exquisite aperitif based on local products.
raquetas de nieve nocturno Suiza


Footprints in the snow

Let the full moon light the way and enjoy a spectacular walk through the snow to the alpine hut, getting to know the pristine nature of Switzerland in an original and exciting way. End the evening with a toast while savoring a delicious national cheese fondue.
taller creativo chocolate suiza


All about chocolate

Create chocolates, bars or bars of the best Swiss chocolates with all kinds of fillings with one of the best confectioners in the country, who will make sure they are ready to take back home and enjoy them.
Astronomía en Suiza


Under an alpine sky

Spend a night in the heart of the Swiss countryside, surrounded by meadows and high mountains, and unravel the mysteries of the cosmos at the prestigious Astroval observatory, with the guidance of an expert astronomer.
Interior del Clementinum de Praga

Czech Republic

In the heart of Prague

Unravel the most valuable cultural legacy of the Czech capital on a private tour of the Clementinum, the former university and current home of the National Library, together with its director; having the opportunity to browse the endless shelves of books, get lost in its stories, admire the panoramic views of the city from its tower and marvel at the meridian room.
Interior del Palais Garnier


Backstage at the Palais Garnier

Lose yourself inside the artistic treasure that is the Opéra Garnier and discover, accompanied by a private guide, its surprising architectural richness, its silent corridors and its abundant decoration. Starting from the majestic Grand Ecalier, we will explore the auditorium, halls and lounges, normally closed to the public.
Iglesia fortificada de Transilvania


Tour the country’s most special heritage

Admire the unique fortified churches of Transylvania, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, getting to know these monuments unique in the world before taking to the skies over the Carpathian Mountains.
Parlamento (Senado) de la República Checa. Barrios y calles en la Mala Strana de Praga (Ciudad Pequeña de Praga). Distrito de la ciudad de Praga, República Checa, y una de sus regiones más históricas. República Checa.

Czech Republic

Exclusive visit to the Prime Minister’s residence

Esculturas Muse en la fachada de la Ópera Estatal de Hungría en Budapest

Czech Republic

The Six-Pointed Star

Delve into Jewish traditions and history with the executive rabbi of the EMIH Association of Congregations of Hungarian Jews. Recreate in the neo-Renaissance details of the Budapest State Opera before attending a private concert or let the ivory keys sing their melody at the Béla Bartók Memorial House.
Strahov biblioteca

Czech Republic

Marvel at Prague’s most spectacular library

See the oldest library in Eastern Europe in the Strahov Monastery in Prague, learn its secrets alone and experience a private violin concert in the same room where the great Mozart composed some of his works.
EEUU Space Kennedy Center

United States

Space Kennedy Center for the little ones

Let the imagination of the little ones fly high as they discover the closed areas of the Space Kennedy Center with a NASA astronaut.
EEUU Atelier moda

United States

Exclusive access to New York’s fashion world

To bring out the “fashion victim” side of you and to sneak into the New York fashion scene by visiting the best design studios of artists such as Jill Stuart, Max Azria, Hervé Léger or Betsy Johnson. Have the opportunity to chat about their latest creations and receive their advice when shopping in their boutiques.
Tiburon Ballena Qatar


Qatar, Encountering whale sharks

Follow the whale sharks to the Persian Gulf and admire their elegant underwater dance from a private yacht, with all the comforts and in the company of an expert on these creatures, which gather in these waters in one of the largest concentrations on the planet.
Qatar cena con skyline


Savor a delicious dinner with the Qatari skyline in the background

Meet the face of that special someone while gazing at Doha’s breathtaking skyline, with an exclusive four-course dinner served on the heights of a helipad. Let yourself be carried away by the flavors and aromas while the lights of the city light up like candles to illuminate the evening.
Qatar vuelo en globo aerostático Qatar


Qatar’s landscape from a hot air balloon

Welcoming the dawn and the lights of a new day while flying over modern Doha or the Qatari desert in a hot air balloon. Enjoy the silence and the immeasurable beauty of the landscape in an intimate walk through the clouds before landing and enjoying a nice breakfast in private.
Dubái & Abu Dabi dunas conducción

United Arab Emirates

Travel through dunes in an unstoppable vehicle

Jump across the dunes of the Dubai desert and feel the power and adrenaline at the wheel of a Jeep Wrangler, a vehicle modified to be unstoppable on any terrain.
Dubái & Abu Dabi conduccion-aston-martin

United Arab Emirates

Speed and adrenaline

Get behind the wheel of a luxurious Aston Martin GT4 or an F-300 and feel the real speed at the Yas Marina Formula 1 circuit, with a private instructor as co-driver. Listen to the whirring of the cars at full speed while watching a professional race, on the track and with a delicious brunch.
Dubái & Abu Dabi Deep Dive

United Arab Emirates

Under the waters of Deep Dive Dubai

Jump into the Deep Dive Dubai pool and dive 60 meters deep through the underwater streets of this 21st century Atlantis, having the opportunity to explore its aquatic secrets together with a team of diving professionals.


Taste an exclusive dinner in a privileged environment.

Take a relaxing stroll through the Frenchified gardens and lakes of Villa d’Allen, a 19th century manor house in Porto, and enjoy an unforgettable private dinner in an idyllic and exclusive setting.
Casco antiguo Oporto


Enjoy an evening on the banks of the Douro River

Toast in a romantic picnic overlooking the Douro River and tour the valley in a private sailboat, exploring the peaceful nature and its charming landscapes.
Lisboa graffity


Get inspired by the creativity and art of Lisbon

Discover the most urban and creative side of Lisbon with a graffiti workshop in the streets of the Portuguese capital, where you can learn this street art and put it into practice with a spray artist.


Enjoy the best golf courses in the world

Discover why Scotland is one of the preferred golfing destinations by accessing the country’s most exclusive private clubs. Improve your swing with the help of world-renowned experts.


Caring for local wildlife in the Scottish Highlands

Stay in an imposing Victorian-style mansion, in the very heart of the Scottish Highlands, and be part of the project of protection and reintroduction of endangered wildlife that they carry out there.
Palacio Holyrood


A royal journey into Gaelic roots and regal luxury