There is something in the sea that attracts human beings, that always makes them return to its shore and contemplate the reflections and sparkles of its gentle waves. Feel the sea breeze in the best beaches, authentic paradises where the noise stops and you can only breathe and smile.

Surf en Indonesia


Surfing the best wave in the world

From iconic Bali to the remote island of Sumba, Indonesia is a surfer’s dream. With the guidance of local experts, go out in search of the perfect wave, find endless tube tunnels and enjoy the thrill and freedom that only surfing can provide.
Soneva Secret cena privada Maldivas


Dinner under the stars

Travel through the cosmos between courses, enjoying a romantic dinner under the incomparable starry sky of the Maldives, with the expert guidance of an astronomer who will reveal the secrets of the universe through the telescope.
Recuperacion Jardines de coral en Maldivas


Conservation of marine life

Help conserve the Maldives’ dazzling underwater life by visiting coral gardens and participating in recovery and planting programs with a marine biologist. Discover the beauty of the reef and protect the biodiversity that makes the Maldives such a treasure.
Soneva in Aqua Navega en tu yate privado


Private yacht sailing

Explore the Indian Ocean aboard a luxury yacht that fuses sophistication, freedom and adventure. Sail between islands accompanied by a personal chef, a wellness therapist and even a dive master, a surf instructor and an astronomer. Each trip will be customized to suit your wishes.
Velaa Private Island Familia Maldivas


Your private island in Maldives

Wake up in your own private paradise in the spectacular Baa Atoll, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Surround yourself with crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches. Be the only guest, with everything arranged to suit you and an entire island at your disposal, to enjoy intimate and exclusive moments.


Your private island in the Indian Ocean

Discover paradise by booking your own private island, where adventure intertwines with relaxation to create unforgettable memories. Enjoy family experiences, from exciting safaris to relaxing spa sessions and aquatic explorations in marine reserves. Learn about Tanzanian local culture and contribute to conservation initiatives, all framed within stunning natural beauty.
Yate St Barths Caribe


Navigate the crystal clear waters of St. Barths Barths

Crossing the beaches of St. Thomas and St. John. Cross the beaches of St. Thomas and St. John on a yacht or sailboat to do some deep-sea fishing while blue marlins wait beneath the surface to be seen.
Free diver swimming underwater over vivid coral reef. Red Sea, Egypt

Saudi Arabia

Among corals

Venture into the waters of the Red Sea for a day of sailing and relaxation, with a delicious lunch in the sun. Jump into the depths of this mythical aquatic world and dive through its seabed, rich in corals and schools of fish.
Fiji tiburones


Swimming among sharks in a unique aquatic sanctuary

Immerse yourself in Fiji’s tides to get to know this aquatic sanctuary. Put on your wetsuit and jump into the water to swim among the sharks in the shark sanctuary while getting to know an environment declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Have the opportunity to adopt and name one of the specimens to ensure its protection.
Fiji Cloudbreak surf


Surfing the best waves in the Pacific

Reach the Cloudbreak reef, in the company of a team of experts, and surf the best waves of the Pacific Ocean.
Fiji Mountain Plateau


Experience an authentic adventure at Mountain Plateau

Get on the quad and accelerate to full throttle for an exciting tour of the interior of the island of Fiji, encountering some of its remote villages on the way to Mountain Plateau, where you can admire its landscape from above.
Coral replanting in Bora Bora

French Polynesia

Discover marine ecosystem preservation with a marine biologist

Learn about the ecosystem preservation work carried out by the Ruahatu Lagoon Sanctuary and learn the secrets of the coral grafting and replanting process with a marine biologist.
Maldivas spa


A holistic experience

Combining ancient healing knowledge with the latest health and wellness methods to take care of mind, body and soul.
Maldivas resort lujo


Connection with the environment

To appreciate, first-hand, the link between smart luxury and sustainability and to understand that respect for the environment is part of the new generation. Discover the “barefoot luxury” philosophy, organic garden programs, fair trade and recycling.
Maldivas the den


The Den: The best children’s experience in the Maldives

Let the little ones explore, learn and have fun at The Den, the largest children’s club in the Maldives. Watch their imaginations soar as they play outdoors, read, interact and connect with the wonderful nature that surrounds them.
Buceo en Sulawesi Indonesia


Diving in the Sulawesi atolls

Delve into the fascinating underwater world of Sulawesi, where pristine atolls offer a diving paradise. Cross the shimmering mirror of the sea surface and venture into the depths to swim among vibrant corals and hundreds of species of fish.
México Cobá


Coba, from the Mayan past to the sacred subway rivers

Discover the resplendent city of Cobá, an important site, on foot or on wheels to reach the pyramid of Nohoch Mul. Change the clouds in the sky for stalactites during an exciting swim in its subway river system, a sacred place for the Maya.
Playas de América Golf Trancoso


Golf in Trancoso

Play a game of golf with the ocean as your caddy and hole-in-one on the courses in the Brazilian village of Trancoso, located next to towering cliffs.
Playa y palmeras caribe


Explore the paradise of Coiba

Sail to Coiba National Park, in the Eastern Pacific, to visit the 38 islands that make up the archipelago. Snorkel and dive in waters with an incomparable biodiversity, explore the old prison on the island of Coiba or go deep into the forest following the song of the pijuí bird.
Colombia Islas Rosario


Private yacht to Rosario Islands

Let Cartagena de Indias reveal its best kept secrets by taking an excursion to the Rosario Islands by private yacht, canoeing through its mangroves, relaxing off the coast on a sailing boat or getting to know the old city through a bicycle tour, followed by a private dance class and a delicious dinner in a colonial mansion.
México Los cabos atardecer


Discover Los Cabos

Let yourself be surprised by the authentic taste of Mexico in Los Cabos, a paradise of tropical gardens that emerges between the blue of the sky and the intense turquoise of the Sea of Cortez. Get to know the immense treasures that the sea holds by diving under its waters or sailing over them in a private boat.
Buceo en tofo con tiburones toro

Beaches of Africa

Following Bazaruto scientists in their daily work

Follow the work of the Center for Scientific Studies in Bazaruto, Mozambique, to monitor the effects of climate change on local ecosystems and help their scientists track the mighty tiger sharks and bull sharks.

Beaches of Africa

Enjoy the luxury of your own private island in Seychelles

Embrace the sense of privacy and solitude that only comes from staying on a private island paradise. Waking up to the quiet murmur of the tides, with no other worries during the day than watching the sun set behind the waters of the Indian Ocean.
Masaje en Seychelles

Beaches of Africa

A moment for you in Seychelles

Dedicate time to our self-care by receiving a wonderful massage in the open air, on top of a gentle hill, or by abstracting yourself in a meditation session on the mountain of Petite Anse. Release tension and adrenaline surfing the perfect waves of the Seychelles.