Distinctive even in its geography, with a slender and long body stretching across the southern half of the continent, Chile is a place that laughs and enjoys its differences, what makes it special.

Imponentes picos de Los Cuernos sobre el Lago Pehoe. En un camino de tierra se puede apreciar un guanaco - Lama. Parque Nacional Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile
“Love makes us good. It doesn’t matter who we love, it doesn’t matter if it is reciprocated or if the relationship is long-lasting. The experience of loving is enough, it transforms us.”
Lying between the Andes and the Pacific, its nature seems to form a collage in which all colors find a place: the reds and golds of the Atacama Desert, the brown tones of its bronze corraleros, the light blue shining in the lakes of Patagonia and the indescribable white of Tierra del Fuego.
Chile Desierto Atacama
Colossal nature and Chilean sympathy
It is believed that, in its origin, the name Chile comes from the Quechua language and meant ‘border’.

Silver star


Between September and February, when spring is visible in the lake region and summer arrives in Patagonia, giving it a special glow.

Subtropical maritime

Average 15°C

September to February

Mild temperatures during the day and cool temperatures at night.

NUBA experiences

Argentina Perito Moreno glaciar

5-star experience among glaciers

Feeling alone with the rugged beauty of Chilean Patagonia in a luxurious lodge lost in the middle of nature. Enjoy one of the most exclusive experiences in the country among mountains, jungles, glaciers or helicopter rides.
Chile Barco Jechica

Explore Jechica Island on a true expedition into the unknown

Explore the remote Jechica Island, in Chilean Patagonia, and feel like an adventurer on a deserted island. Go trekking to see the fjords, go in search of the colorful marine fauna, kayak next to pods of dolphins or sail to the nearby islands to get to know this place where the hand of man is barely perceptible.
Chile Heliski Glaciar cordillera base pumalodge

The Andes on heli-skiing

Get a unique view of the Andes from a helicopter, through some of its best peaks, to put on your boots and descend through amazing landscapes in an incredible skiing experience.


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