From the naked steel and the touch of the pen on the paper is born a place as old as time itself, refuge of the last magic that remains in the world and guardian of mountains that hide behind the clouds.

Castillo de Edimburgo Escocia
“The world is full of obvious things that no one observes by chance.”
A map full of ancient cities, lakes that sink into the depths and endless meadows where the wind runs free and screams until it is voiceless. A world of adventure, romance and poetry awaits at the bottom of a whiskey glass.
Ciervo en Escocia
Land of lions, from its shields to its mountains.
Scotland is a harsh land in appearance, but with a kind heart. It is seen in its people, warrior poets who walk with a song on their lips and a burning fire in their hearts, ready to welcome and receive the stranger who visits them. It is noticeable in its Highlands, which are lost above the clouds and linger as a remnant of those giants who carved them eons ago. It is felt in its dark stone cities and its landscapes with whiskey rivers where the winds, rather than whistling, roar.

Brave heart


Scotland is a real wonder in summer, with long days and warm temperatures that allow you to enjoy more of the surprises it has to offer.


Average 11°C

Between June and September

Cool but pleasant days

NUBA experiences

In the depths of Loch Ness

Delve into the mysterious waters of Loch Ness and discover its secrets aboard an exclusive cruise ship and in the company of Captain Alistair Matheson, leader of the Loch Ness project. Activate the sonar and find out what lurks beneath the surface of Scotland’s most famous loch.

Enjoy the best golf courses in the world

Discover why Scotland is one of the preferred golfing destinations by accessing the country’s most exclusive private clubs. Improve your swing with the help of world-renowned experts.

Caring for local wildlife in the Scottish Highlands

Stay in an imposing Victorian-style mansion, in the very heart of the Scottish Highlands, and be part of the project of protection and reintroduction of endangered wildlife that they carry out there.


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