Peru is a dream between the sea and the clouds, a hideaway that captivates with the sincerity of its people and invites everyone who visits to stay and sit at its table. Its Inca heritage, the fusion that ignites its cities and its extraordinary nature form a unique dish in the world that always leaves you satisfied, but wanting more.

Llama en Perú
“Peru is where all the adventures begin, all those moments that dance between mere emotion and pure magic.”
The sweet sound of an Andean flute, the colorful plumage of jungle birds, the softness of a friendly llama, the aroma of history and legend of Machu Picchu and the explosion of flavor of the gastronomy of its different regions, lead us to discover a country full of nuances.
Amazonas Perú
Ancient roots that nourish the fruits of the Andes country.
Beyond the clouds, the great treasure of this sacred place is shared between heaven and earth.

Sacred flavor


Peru enjoys a very pleasant climate all year round, so you can enjoy the country at any time. But the light it gives off and the color of its vegetation make the best months from April to November.


Average 23°C

April to November

Hot days, with some mugginess, and cool nights

NUBA experiences

Perú gastronomía

Exclusive gastronomy

Sit at chef Nelson Vinueza’s table with his family and enjoy an authentic Peruvian banquet with one of the country’s gastronomic references.
Perú ceremonia naturaleza

Spiritual ceremony

Show our respect and admiration for the Inca culture by participating in a ceremony for the Apus, the spirits of the mountain, making offerings that will ensure a safe journey.
Perú Amazonas Biólogo

Amazon with a biologist

Crossing the threshold of the Amazon with a team of expert biologists to discover the secrets that this temple of nature still holds. Have the opportunity to find a new animal species and leave a legacy for posterity by naming it.


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