The great island, burning and beautiful like a flame that never dies out, emerges from the waters like a great crown. The traditions and legends of its original people, the aborigines, are written in the rock of its great desert and in the trees of its forests, where they give way to new cities full of music and a multicultural spirit capable of overcoming the wounds of the past.

Gran Barrea de Coral Australia
“All art is likely to flourish more in silence.”
Australia is, more than any other place on the planet, a highway. A path that stretches in all directions until it reaches the horizon, knowing that it goes on, even though it can no longer be seen. It is a place to run without fear and scream until we empty our chest and our mind.
Longitude 31 Australia
One last surprise at the end of the road.
It’s the glow of Sydney in the night sky and the youthful pace of Melbourne. It is that magic that makes that, when you can no longer go on, a beach appears where you can rest.

On the other side of the world


Between December and February, with its shimmering beaches and many local festivities to get to know the most authentic face of the country.

Tropical temperate

20°C average

December to February

Sunny days with pleasant daytime temperatures and cool nights.

NUBA experiences

Australia Sidney velero

Luxury yachting in Sydney Harbour

Cruise the waters of Sydney Harbour on a luxurious private sailboat, taste fresh oysters while enjoying the ambiance of the Sydney Fish Market or spend an unforgettable evening at the Opera House, the iconic interlocking shell building.
Australia Rancho

Australian ranch country experience

Step into the shoes of an Australian farmer and live an authentic country experience on a historic ranch. Take long horseback rides, spend a relaxing afternoon fishing, enjoy a picnic in the wilderness or experience the Australian outback by helicopter.
Australia Gran barrera de Coral

Great Barrier Reef in perspective

Admire the Great Barrier Reef from the air or jump into the turquoise waters of a beach unknown to the world on Lord Howe Island.


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