Tibet and Nepal

Something changes in the depths of those who visit Tibet and Nepal, two brotherly countries that share everything that unites and differentiates them. Perhaps it is the unique perspective you get when you reach the very top of the world; or the peace that invades your body and frees your mind as you contemplate the colorful banners swaying in the wind, while the sacred bells ring in the background.

Tibet and Nepal
Tibet-Nepal Ojos Wisdom
“If you think you’re too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”
An unusual encounter between adventure, nature, mysticism and tradition awaits those who seek to ascend beyond the clouds.
Tibet-Nepal monasterio budista
A destination older than the mountains
Tibet and Nepal chant in unison, heard with the purity of a sacred bell

At the top of the winds


It is always a good time to discover the surprises that await in Tibet and Nepal, but October and November enjoy mild temperatures and very little rainfall.

Mountain temperate

Average 23°C

October - November

Days with mild temperatures and cool nights

NUBA experiences

Capture the magic of Kathmandu

Explore the unique Kathmandu through the lens of a camera with a professional photographer. Walk through its narrow streets, squares and temples while looking for the perfect snapshot and playing with the lights, reflections, textures and details of the city.
Tibet-Nepal Himalaya

Exploring the skies of Pokhara

Tibet-Nepal ruedas sagradas

Pashupatinath, a special celebration

Commemorate an anniversary or any celebration with a private blessing ceremony at the Pashupatinath temple, where to ask for good fortune, accompanied by his eminence, Shylapa Tenzin Rinpoche, at the Shylapa Tenzin monastery or at Boudhanath.


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Tibet and Nepal