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5 must-see destinations to discover the magic of autumn

We anticipate the autumn charm!

Even though we’re in the middle of July, we can’t help but get excited about the arrival of autumn, that magical season coming in a few months. And with it, opportunities to explore fascinating destinations around the world unfold.

What better time to start dreaming of landscapes covered in warm colors, mild temperatures and the opportunity to immerse ourselves in vibrant local cultures? Join us on this journey as we discover five must-see destinations to experience the magic of autumn, each of them promising a unique and captivating experience.

Get ready for the cozy embrace of a hot cup of coffee, the crunch of leaves under your feet and the thrill of discovering corners that seem to come out of a dream. Although fall is still a long way off, it’s the perfect time to start planning our next tailor-made fall trip.

Are you ready to discover where to travel in summer?

Zambia : Savage epic

They meander through valleys, climb mountains, irrigate fields and disappear into the horizon. The Kafue, the Luangwa and the Zambezi are the beginning and the end of Zambia; three great rivers whose currents mark the rhythm of the country and whose light illuminates an overflowing and boundless landscape. Walking through a land alien to the passage of man, live with the animals that populate its plains and forests free and quiet to hear the voice of the Victoria Falls … Traveling to Zambia is to enter the unknown.

NUBA Experiences

Witness the second largest migration on the planet, accompanying the herds of wildebeest on their amazing journey, by land, by kayak or from the air aboard a helicopter. We will observe how they cross rivers, avoid obstacles and follow their ancestral instinct, contemplating this spectacle of nature from a unique perspective.

-Track, tag and monitor hungry hyenas and elusive cheetahs in Liuwa Plains National Park. Joining the park’s biologists and naturalists, we will learn about the life of these fascinating creatures, discovering the secrets of their behavior, hunting habits and adaptation to the environment. An immersion in wildlife that will allow us to appreciate closely the importance of conservation and preservation of these species.

great wildebeest migration in Zambia

Bhutan : Top of the world

Bhutan appears on the horizon like the scene of a snowball: idyllic, mysterious, unlike anything you’ve ever seen and poised to last for eternity. When looking at it closely, when crossing that invisible dome and meeting it in person, the traveler encounters a warm and friendly people, always willing to share their culture and traditions; a landscape that enjoys combining rugged peaks and valleys with their dzongThe city’s history, infinite temples and a magical, ancient echo, in which you can hear the laughter of the happiest country in the world.

NUBA Experiences

Enjoy breakfast at an altitude of over 3100 meters with panoramic views of the highest peaks in the world. With every bite and every glance we will marvel at the grandeur of the Earth, in a majestic setting that will connect us with the essence of nature at its best.

Dive into the world of painting and art in a private meeting with the artist Gyempo Wangchuk, who will open the doors of his gallery, where we can discover his unique style, which fuses classical tradition with modern sensibilities. An exclusive experience in which to admire his masterpieces and learn about his inspiration and techniques firsthand.

temple in Bhutan among the clouds

Bolivia | A journey into the unknown

Bolivia is community and union. The Andean country has found its special place between the most deeply rooted traditions of its people and the modernity of the 21st century, which is making its way into cities such as La Paz. It is an authentic country that uses the reflection of its salt flats as a mirror to observe and learn; that climbs its highest peaks to understand its greatness and takes care of its people, its nature and its varied fauna alike. It is simple and gentle; it is a lullaby in the middle of the night.

NUBA Experiences

Bringing luxury to the most remote corners of this country in an exclusive camper with all the comforts. On board this fantastic accommodation on wheels, we will explore thundering geysers, lagoons of a thousand colors and learn about the curious Bolivian fauna, as well as the traditions of its people.

To turn the impressive Uyuni Salt Flat, the largest natural mirror in the world, into a photographic studio in which to capture impossible snapshots with a professional photographer. In this surreal environment, we will play with perspectives and optical illusion to capture unique and surprising images.

flamingos in the Uyuni salt flats

Oman : Bedouin legacy

Whether in the retinue of a sultan or in a caravan of Bedouin traders, Oman is a country that welcomes with open arms any traveler who enters its desert in search of adventure, history and beauty. The inexhaustible dunes form a blanket of sand that sets the country ablaze, a fire that is only quenched in the oases and the green hills of its mountains. In addition to this natural architecture, shaped by wind and water millennia ago, there is man-made architecture in palaces, fortresses and vibrant cities such as Muscat and Nizwa, a symbol of the great progress that Oman is making.

NUBA Experiences

Explore the imposing mountains of Jebel Samhan in search of the enigmatic Arabian leopard, an endangered species, with Khaled Al Hikami, a passionate researcher whose life has been immersed in the study and preservation of this majestic creature.

Sleepingin a private luxury camp in the Wahiba desert, immersing ourselves in the silence and tranquility of the infinite starry blanket. The camp, equipped with all the comforts and exclusive details, will allow us to disconnect and connect with the beauty of the purest nature.

luxury camp in the desert of Wahiba Oman

Ireland | Land of giants

In the magical and fascinating land of Ireland, history comes alive in every corner. Its green meadows spread out like a blanket of hope, while the imposing cliffs rise majestically in front of the mighty ocean. The charm of its picturesque villages, where traditional music flows in every corner and the warmth of its people wraps you in a sincere embrace; the legends and myths that intertwine with reality, while you explore ancient castles and ancient monuments that transport you to past times. Ireland will captivate you with its authenticity, vibrant culture and dreamy landscapes.

NUBA Experiences

Travel back in time in a vintage carriage to discover breathtaking scenery steeped in history; Killarney National Park, the imposing MacGillycuddy Reeks mountains, the majestic St. Mary’s Cathedral and the majestic St. Mary’s Cathedral. Mary, or the legendary Ross Castle, will make us relive the essence and charm of past centuries.

Take a guided tour of the Teeling whiskey distillery and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of this renowned beverage to learn all the secrets about its production process. In addition, we will enjoy a tasting of Teeling Small Batch whiskey and taste a seasonal cocktail handcrafted, which will delight our palate with the mastery of this renowned distillery.

castle by a lake surrounded by forest

If you want to travel privately to these exclusive destinations, start designing your tailor-made trip with NUBA.


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