Space Perspective

Only by understanding the grandeur of our planet, its delicate beauty and natural richness, can we come to appreciate this tiny fragment of the universe that is our home. Living a space observation experience and contemplating the indescribable spectacle that Earth is, is now a very real possibility. Using orbital flight technology with space balloons, as NASA once did, Space Perspective makes traveling into outer space easier than ever, without the need for rockets or spacesuits and without many of the technical complexities involved in ascending beyond the heavens.

“Making history”
With an environmentally friendly lift system and a carefully designed concept that unites luxury with stratospheric travel, the Neptune capsule is the safest and most sustainable means of transportation for space tourism. Capable of reaching an altitude of 30,000 meters, a level above 99% of the Earth’s atmosphere, the Space Perspective project guarantees a pleasant and peaceful experience both on ascent and landing, allowing travelers to focus on enjoying the views and the sensation of literally having the world at their feet. The spacecraft will take off from a ground base or a prepared scientific ship, experience a slow and safe ascent to reach maximum altitude and take meteorological data and information from the atmosphere while the travelers admire unique views. After a while, it will begin a slow and controlled descent that will mark the end of this space observation trip.
Space lunch
With large windows offering a 360° view and a space designed to relax and have a good time, the Neptune is equipped with a bar, cocktail and food service; high-speed Wi-Fi, comfortable armchairs from which to chat with the other space explorers and music equipment to accompany the ascent to the stars with a melody in keeping with the experience.

Traveling to outer space has never been easier