Beaches of Africa

The spiral of a conch shell, the microscopic beauty of millions of grains of sand, the living and changing tapestry of the tides... Everything is perfect and everything fits on a beach. As a gift from nature, a haven of beauty, fresh air and peace.

Beaches of Africa
“We always find ourselves at sea.”
There is no sensation capable of matching the kiss of the sand on the feet, the touch of the sun on the skin, the salty aroma of the sea and the sound of the palm trees as background music. There are no hidden treasures on the beaches, the beaches are the treasure.
North Private Island tortuga Seychelles
The end of the road and the beginning of everything else
On the African shores one hears the song of a continent that changes with every step, but advances to the same rhythm; a melody that whispers treasures under the golden sand, that rocks the palm trees and the linen curtains in unison.

With the wind at your back


In the spring and summer months, to wake up each day with the brightness of the sun reflecting on the turquoise waters of the African coast.


Average 24°C

April to September

Warm, sunny days and pleasant nights

NUBA experiences

Buceo en tofo con tiburones toro

Following Bazaruto scientists in their daily work

Follow the work of the Center for Scientific Studies in Bazaruto, Mozambique, to monitor the effects of climate change on local ecosystems and help their scientists track the mighty tiger sharks and bull sharks.

Enjoy the luxury of your own private island in Seychelles

Embrace the sense of privacy and solitude that only comes from staying on a private island paradise. Waking up to the quiet murmur of the tides, with no other worries during the day than watching the sun set behind the waters of the Indian Ocean.
Masaje en Seychelles

A moment for you in Seychelles

Dedicate time to our self-care by receiving a wonderful massage in the open air, on top of a gentle hill, or by abstracting yourself in a meditation session on the mountain of Petite Anse. Release tension and adrenaline surfing the perfect waves of the Seychelles.


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