If we throw a boat into the water and start sailing, aimlessly and without a fixed destination, we will end up glimpsing the shores of Thailand, because the country has that kind of spell by which you always find what you were not looking for. Heiress to resplendent Siam, Thailand has become one of the most fascinating, changing and vibrant countries in Southeast Asia in its own right.

Tailandia calles fluviales Bangkok
“Don’t count the days, make the days count.”
It is a perfect combination of modernity, luxury and tradition that allows it to offer everything the traveler desires. From the bustling streets of Bangkok to the remote beach of Hua Hin, Thailand is like its cuisine: unique, spicy and delicious.
Elefante Tailandia
A country that is reborn, like flowers in springtime
The Wat Pho temple in Bangkok is home to the world’s largest gold Buddha statue.

Echoes of Siam


If you want to get to know Thailand’s nature in depth, it is best to travel between November and March, with pleasant weather and clear skies.


Average 28°C

November - March

Warm days and mild nights

NUBA experiences

Bangkok by night

Walk the lively backstreets of Bangkok, from the historic Charoen Krung Road, and sneak privately into the city’s most renowned galleries. Finish the evening discovering the multifaceted Thai gastronomy with a tour of its street stalls.
Tailandia Artesano

Thai art in a centuries-old village

Delve into the Thai painting tradition in a 200-year-old village inhabited by artists and restorers. To have the opportunity to put into practice everything learned in this idyllic environment for creativity.
Tailandia bubha yoga

Yoga at Gong Wu Pagoda

Feel closer than ever to Nirvana and greet the new day with a private yoga class at the Gong Wu pagoda, with a master of the discipline and the dragons on the columns as your only company.


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