Our history



Hilario de la Mata and a small group of experts began to plot unexplored and unknown routes on their maps of Africa. Thus NUBA was born, a name that evokes mystery and wonder, inspired by a warrior tribe of southern Sudan. Very soon, it became synonymous with unique discoveries and experiences on the African continent.


NUBA took an important step by opening its first travel boutique in Maria de Molina, where it began offering exciting luxury safaris in Africa, giving travelers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the continent’s natural beauty and wildlife with a touch of exclusivity and comfort.


Over the years, it consolidated its position as a leader in travel to Asia. A unique place of spiritual connection, where the kingdom of men and the kingdom of the gods find the perfect union through its millenary culture and ancestral places.


Prestige levels were achieved by designing two of the most iconic incentive trips on the big screen: James Bond and Indiana Jones. These exciting itineraries took NUBA clients to visit stunning film locations around the world, adding a touch of adventure and glamour to their experiences.


NUBA was the first boutique to offer travel to Mongolia as a single destination. At a time when the country was a little explored and unknown place for many travelers, the firm saw the potential and beauty of this unusual and captivating land.


During these years, NUBA went a step further by opening NUBA Central, which consolidated its position as a beacon of innovation on the travel horizon. Expeditions to the Norwegian Arctic begin, where travelers were able to explore the majestic landscapes of Northern Europe and enjoy luxury experiences in the midst of the wildest and most unspoiled nature.


Pablo del Pozo joined the shareholding, while the most refined destinations in Europe began to be offered. From Italy, Greece and France to Scotland and the charms of the Mediterranean, NUBA became the benchmark for those seeking luxury and authentic experiences in the Old Continent.


Reaching Seville, Bilbao and A Coruña, the firm’s presence was established throughout Spain. In addition, Colombia was chosen as an exclusive destination; a joyful land where people dance in its streets, which give off the sweet aroma of roasted coffee.


NUBA opened the doors to Zimbabwe as a unique travel destination in Africa. Travelers had the opportunity to discover the richness of its national parks, such as Hwange National Park, and the majestic Victoria Falls, enjoying experiences of the highest level.


While NUBA’s clients were sleeping in the first luxury camp in Antarctica, the company was opening its first office in Barcelona. This milestone marked the beginning of new adventures and premium services in one of Spain’s most cosmopolitan cities.


In an exciting chapter of its history, NUBA crossed borders and took a major step forward by acquiring Lozano Travel and ITG in Mexico, consolidating its position as the jewel in the crown and becoming the largest travel company in the Spanish-speaking market.


This year, NUBA began offering one of the first space tourism trips, hand in hand with Virgin Galactic, opening a new horizon of possibilities for the most adventurous and dreamy travelers.


In a transcendental moment of its trajectory, NUBA opens its doors in the distinguished Serrano street in Madrid with the first flagship store of the firm, an oasis of elegance and sophistication where dreams are transformed into unforgettable experiences.

For the first time, trips were offered to Saudi Arabia, one of the few remaining undiscovered natural treasures on the planet.


This same year, NUBA receives the prestigious Best Supplier Knowledge award from Serandipians by Traveller Made and opens a second flagship store in Valencia, providing travelers with a new gateway to exceptional experiences in this community. In addition, the firm ventures with trips to the kingdom of Mustang, the last secret corner of the Himalayas and a window into authentic Tibetan life.