From the Illyrians they got their courage, from the Greeks their wit, from the Romans their talent and from the Slavs their character. Waiting discreetly by the shores of the Adriatic, Croatia has been a land that has attracted the attention of all the peoples of the Old World and has enamored those who have ventured to set foot on its white pebble beaches.

El edificio distante del Tesoro-Catedral dentro del casco antiguo de Dubrovnik, Croacia
“A few kind words, a warm book and an honest smile can work miracles.”
Monumental cities of ancient stone and simple islands floating on a marine tapestry are the gateway to a secret nature, which tells in its mountains and evergreen forests the history of the country that welcomes everyone as its own.
Whirlwind of pleasures on a bed of emeralds and sapphires
Croatia combines freshness and Mediterranean flavor. The Plitvice Lakes National Park, Trogir, Diocletian’s Palace in Split, the fields of Stari Grad in Hvar or the old town of Dubrovnik are key clues in the trip.

Adriatic bulwark


The best time to visit Croatia is in summer, between July and August, with its nature covered with intense greens.

Mediterranean and continental

Average 19°C

May to September

Slightly warm days and mild nights

NUBA experiences

Pesca en Croacia

Sailing along the Croatian coast with a local fisherman

Learn fishing techniques on a small boat on the Adriatic, listen to the stories of a local fisherman and, after a day at sea, taste the famous local oysters in a picturesque coastal village.
Cueva azul

In the footsteps of Ulysses

Swim in the spectacular blues of Odysseus cave, a natural hideaway unknown to most tourists. Immerse yourself in the shades of this hidden gem and catch a glimpse of the sunset from its rocks.

Discover traditional Croatian goldsmithery

Share a pleasant afternoon with Matja and Giorgio Vierda, master craftsmen whose family has been making goldsmith pieces for centuries. Discover the secrets of this ancient art in the family’s home on the enchanting island of Brac.


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