A meeting place for people from all over the globe, the so-called Holy Land has been home and refuge to kings, conquerors, merchants and prophets alike. Caught between the embrace of the sea and the friction of the desert, Israel has re-emerged as a perfect destination for believers, adventurers and the curious in general.

La iglesia del Santo Sepulcro, también conocida como basílica del Santo Sepulcro en Jerusalem
“In seeking the good of our fellow men we find our own.”
While places like Jerusalem or Galilee hold the lessons of times past, Tel Aviv is turning on its brightest lights to be a beacon guiding the country towards a tomorrow of coexistence and respect.
Iglesia del Santo Sepulcro al atardecer, Jerusalén, Israel. Vista desde arriba.
Spiritual, historical, inspirational and surprising...
The territory of Israel is littered with countless archaeological sites of great value.

The star of the east


The ideal time to visit Israel is between March and June, when temperatures are still mild and the most desert-like areas can be visited.

Temperate and tropical

Average 24°C

March to June

Hot days in the interior and mild days on the coast, with pleasant nights in both cases.

NUBA experiences

El famoso desierto del Negev en Israel al atardecer.

Flying over the Holy Land

Flying over the Negev desert or old Jerusalem, stopping at the Masada fortress on the way to the Dead Sea. Discover the most unknown side of the country in the city of Haifa, the crusader stronghold of Atlit or the slopes of Mount Carmel.
Libros Nathan Jeffay en Israel

Learn the history of the Middle East from an expert

Meet in person Nathan Jeffay, a British journalist with whom to chat and learn more about the historical and current situation in the Middle East or the daily life in Israel.
Israel hogar hebreo

Enter an authentic Hebrew home to learn about its traditions.

Learn all about Shabbat, the holy day of rest in Judaism, with a family from Jerusalem. To learn about rituals such as the tasting of wine and challah bread, the lighting of candles or traditional chants.


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