Bolivia is community and union. The Andean country has found its special place between the most deeply rooted traditions of its people and the modernity of the 21st century, which is making its way into cities such as La Paz. It is an authentic country that uses the reflection of its salt flats as a mirror to observe and learn.

Persona sobre lago en Bolivia
“Get up that damn mountain because, in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working or mowing the lawn.”
Bolivia climbs its highest peaks to understand its greatness and cares for its people, its nature and its varied fauna alike. It is simple and gentle; like a lullaby in the middle of the night.
Montañas y bosque en el Parque Amboró en Bolivia.
The country is moving confidently and steadily into the future
From its immense mountains to the salt flats, which turn into magical portals with the rain, Bolivia is like that book you never heard of but always wanted to read.

Reflections of yesteryear


Between April and October, during the dry season, with clear mountain trails and better access to all of the country’s natural monuments.

Tropical temperate

Average 18°C

April to October

Mild temperatures during the day and cool at night, with plenty of humidity at any time.

NUBA experiences

Bolivia Luxury camp van

Bolivia in an exclusive camper

Bringing luxury to the most remote corners of Bolivia in an exclusive camper with all the comforts. Discover thundering geysers and lagoons of a thousand colors or get to know the curious Bolivian fauna and the traditions of its people in this lodging on wheels.
Bolivia Amboro

Nature and archeology in the Bolivian Andes

Explore the wild beauty of Amboró National Park and its amazing wildlife as a preamble to the mysterious Samaipata, a small town in the Bolivian Andes, and the archaeological site of El Fuerte.
Capturando la magia de Uyuni, Bolivia

Capturing the magic of the Uyuni Salt Flat

Turn the impressive Uyuni salt flat, the largest natural mirror in the world, into a studio and capture impossible snapshots with a professional photographer.


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