From the unusual nothingness of Wadi Rum and its reddish rock formations to the eternal Petra, the pink city, Jordan hides within its borders some of the most special places in the entire Holy Land. Shy and compassionate to meet her, the land of the ancient Nabataeans honors her ancestors and cares for all that they left her, their natural resources and their history.

Tesoro Petra
“You can’t fight the desert, you have to ride with it.”
In the busy streets of Amman or the Templar fortresses and Roman cities, Jordan is heritage, tradition, mystery and surprise. Like its desert, it is full of roads; full of possibilities.
Templo de Hércules en el complejo de la Ciudadela de Amán, Jordania
Connect with the mysticism of the desert...
Smiling and friendly, Jordan is the proud custodian of Roman temples, Crusader fortresses and walled cities.

The Nabataean treasure


Between March and May or from September to October, with cool nights that lower the temperature during the day and allow for more fun exploring Jordan’s nature.

Arid and temperate

Average 28°C

March to May or September to October

Warm days, with cool nights and moderate rainfall

NUBA experiences

Jordania Amán

Exploring Amman through the lens

To take the perfect snapshot, the one that does justice to the beauty of Amman, together with Zohrab Markarian, who was a photographer to the King of Jordan for 22 years. Learn the secrets of his work or jump in front of the camera and pose for him.
Jordania Jerash

Taste unique dishes in exclusive surroundings

Savor an exquisite private dinner in the most spectacular places in Jordan: in the citadel of Amman, at the foot of the steps of the amphitheater of Jerash or in the immortal Petra.
Horse carriage in a gorge, Siq, Petra, Jordan

Learn about the lifestyle of the Bedouin who guard Petra

Be welcomed by one of the last Bedouins living in Petra to learn about his home, his lifestyle and hear all about his life in the shadow of one of the wonders of the world.


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