The ancient Egyptians called the afterlife 'aaru', a beautiful field of reeds where the water is always fresh and the sun, Ra's gift, shines on a clear, azure blue horizon. His paradise was a copy of Egypt itself, for there is no place more perfect and fascinating than the land of the Pharaohs.

Egipto. Luxor. Deir el-Bahari. El Templo Mortuorio de Hatshepsut - vista aérea en la luz temprana del sol
“He who has not seen Egypt has not seen the world.”
More than five millennia later, the wonders that stood among the sands of time remain as guardians and chroniclers of that past that so deeply wrote its name in history.
Globos aerostáticos sobre el Nilo, Egipto
Entering the lair of the Sphinx
Pyramids, sphinxes, tombs and temples await the adventurer in all of us.

Land of history and stories


Between November and February, Egypt enjoys a pleasant and sunny climate, perfect for enjoying its magnificent Mediterranean beaches and visiting its monuments.


Average 30°C

November to February

Warm days, with high temperatures, and cooler nights

NUBA experiences

The future of archaeology

Exclusively to enter the new Grand Egyptian Museum, still under construction, and admire what will be the largest archaeological museum in the world, which will house more than 50,000 works of Ancient Egypt.

At the heart of the pyramid

Access the most recent excavations around the pyramids, in private and accompanied by the prestigious Dr. Mark Lehner, to learn the latest details known about these architectural wonders, their builders and the pharaohs who conceived them.
Visita a solas tuma egipcea

The country’s greatest treasures, just for you

Admire the pyramids of Giza before their opening hours to the public, enter the paws of the Great Sphinx or privately explore the Wahtye tomb at Saqqara, an exclusive archaeological find. Be amazed by the tombs of Nefertari or Seti I, two masterpieces of Egyptian art.


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