Night comes and the cities light up, with their narrow streets and markets full of dreamy passers-by and their neon lights reflecting in the waters of Shanghai Bay. With the first light of dawn, the domes and towers of the sacred temples are set ablaze in fires of a thousand colors and the Great Wall casts its shadow over the land it has guarded for centuries.

China templo lago
“He who knows does not speak, he who speaks does not know.”
In the morning, the whole country, from the humblest village to the imperial Beijing, opens its eyes to a new day and receives the winds that drive it to continue to grow, to continue to surprise. China is a silent question; a constant in motion.
China pescadores
Swift as the wind, silent as the forest...
China is a place where opposites attract; where everything flows in the waters of time.

The purity of the white lotus


The best time to discover China is in the spring and autumn months, with pleasant temperatures and little rainfall.


Average 14°C

March - October

Warm days and cool nights

NUBA experiences

China león ciudad prohibida

The Forbidden City

Feel like the ancient emperors by having the privilege of visiting, behind closed doors, one of the majestic palaces of the Forbidden City, Beijing’s greatest monument, or take part in a private blessing ceremony in its temples.
China Gran Muralla

Flying over the Great Wall from Beijing

Watch the Great Wall transform into an imposing stone dragon while flying over this wonder of the world by helicopter or having a private lunch in one of its defensive towers, with spectacular views of Beijing.

Discovering contemporary art in Beijing

Take on the role of art critic for a day while visiting Beijing’s art district, together with some specialists, in search of new talents or the next pictorial revolution.


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