Just as a torii arch, solemn and perfect, marks the entrance to the great Japanese temples, Japan is the gateway to a world unlike anything ever seen or imagined. A perfect blend of tradition and modernity, the archipelago makes this distinctive character a source of pride and a personal brand that transcends its borders and conquers those who know it.

Tori Japon
“It’s fun to wake up every day not knowing if it will be one of those days that change your life forever.”
Nara, Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya… These are names you hear all over the world, but only understand once you have been there. Japan is a destination you always want to return to; an island to be shipwrecked on.
Japan is a coin tossed in the air, floating in the firmament.
Getting to know Japan is an ‘ikigai’ for many travelers, that veiled inspiration that encourages us to get up every day.

The kami garden


In spring, with warm temperatures, it is tinged with pink due to the cherry blossom. In autumn the landscape turns into intense reds.

Northern temperate

Average of 16°C

March - November

Dry and temperate days, with pleasant nights

NUBA experiences

Japón Naoshima

Art and sea on Naoshima Island

Get away from the most typical Japan and travel by catamaran to the island of Naoshima, an unknown corner of the archipelago entirely dedicated to art, where the everyday becomes extraordinary, giant pumpkins grow by the sea and everything has a certain pop art touch.
Japón ceremonia del té

Candlelight tea ceremony

Experience an authentic tea ceremony by candlelight at Korin-in, the historic area of Kōdai-ji temple, an area inaccessible to other visitors.
Japón templo Kyoto

Zen meditation with monks in Kyoto

Appreciate the beauty and historical value of Kyoto by touring its most important temples with the monks and abbots who inhabit them. Stroll through its delicate gardens, where everything seems to be in perfect balance, and try the Zen method of meditation in rooms closed to the public.


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