Much like the majestic and meticulously crafted torii gates that grace the entrances of Japan’s revered temples, Japan itself serves as a gateway to a realm unlike any other, surpassing all expectations and imaginations. With an exquisite fusion of ancient customs and cutting-edge innovation, this archipelago boasts a unique identity, leaving an indelible impression on all who encounter it.

Nara, Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya… These iconic names resonate across the globe, yet their true essence unfolds only through firsthand experience. Japan beckons travelers back time and time again, offering an island sanctuary where losing oneself becomes a cherished pursuit.

Embark on the journey of a lifetime and start crafting your luxury trip to Japan.


For countless wanderers, a trip to Japan embodies more than just travel; it’s an ikigai, a profound source of inspiration that rekindles the essence of a life truly worth living.

At NUBA, we specialize in curating unique travel experiences that unveil the unparalleled wonders of the Land of the Rising Sun, tailored to your preferences and pace.

Indulge in a culinary experience alongside esteemed chefs, immerse yourself in the genuine warmth of Japanese hospitality within exclusive ryokans, or embark on private explorations of ancient temples… Our experts meticulously design private itineraries, guiding you through Japan’s rich tapestry of culture and history.

Each tailor-made journey we curate encapsulates the essence of Japan in its myriad forms. Whether you yearn for the dynamic pulse of Tokyo, the serene beauty of Kyoto, or the majestic landscapes of Hokkaido, our personalized experiences will seamlessly connect you with Japan’s most authentic and enchanting facets.

Meet the ikigai
Gora Kadan
Janu Tokio Hotel
Janu Tokyo
Zaborin Niseko

With its vast array of experiences catering to every taste, Japan presents a delightful labyrinth of choices. Yet, navigating through this rich tapestry of diversity can be overwhelming. That’s where we step in.

Our profound understanding of Japan’s intricate blend of complexity and beauty enables us to curate exceptional journeys tailored to your desires. Our seasoned travel designers stand ready to guide you on an extraordinary trip, handpicking the finest destinations and most outstanding accommodations Japan has to offer.

Experiences In Japan

Private dinner with a geisha

Uncover the best-kept secrets of Japanese culture as you partake in an intimate tea ceremony and savor an exquisite kaiseki dinner in the company of a genuine geisha. The presence of our private guides ensures a seamless and enriching cultural exchange within an unforgettable experience.

Heliskiing in Niseko

Live a unique skiing experience in Niseko and discover the magic of this unparalleled destination in Japan. Explore endless slopes and revel in the unmatched quality of snow, with the added thrill of reaching the summit via helicopter for a breathtaking aerial view of Hokkaido’s majestic mountains.

Unforgettable Setouchi Navigation

Step into the storied world of the Murakami Suigun, legendary sailors of the Geiyo Islands, aboard an exclusive floating ryokan. Navigate through the mysteries of ancient pirate hideouts and sea lanes, or indulge in the ultimate gourmet sushi experience with panoramic ocean views.

Helicopter ride over Mount Aso

Take in the awe-inspiring beauty of Mount Aso from a privileged perspective, as you soar above its majestic landscape. Enjoy a breathtaking helicopter ride that provides a bird’s-eye perspective of the mesmerizing azure lake nestled within the volcano’s crater.

Exclusive sumo experience

Immerse yourself in the rich history of this iconic sport alongside an expert guide. Embark on a private tour to uncover the secrets of this ancient tradition, culminating in an unforgettable visit to a sumo tournament – a rare and exclusive event held only a few times a year.
Japón Naoshima

Art and sea on Naoshima Island

Get away from the most typical Japan and travel by catamaran to the island of Naoshima, an unknown corner of the archipelago entirely dedicated to art, where the everyday becomes extraordinary, giant pumpkins grow by the sea and everything has a certain pop art touch.
Japan tea ceremony

Candlelight tea ceremony

Experience an authentic tea ceremony by candlelight at Korin-in, the historic area of Kōdai-ji temple, an area inaccessible to other visitors.
Japón templo Kyoto

Zen meditation with monks in Kyoto

Appreciate the beauty and historical value of Kyoto by touring its most important temples with the monks and abbots who inhabit them. Stroll through its delicate gardens, where everything seems to be in perfect balance, and try the Zen method of meditation in rooms closed to the public.


Tokyo and Kyoto

Tokyo, where towering skyscrapers stand alongside serene temples, presents a mesmerizing blend of modernity and tradition. From shopping in unique boutiques to strolling amid the neon-lit streets of Shinjuku, the possibilities are endless. Meanwhile, Kyoto beckons history enthusiasts with its rich tapestry of gardens, palaces, and enchanting geisha and samurai districts, offering an invaluable journey through Japan's illustrious past.

The feudal era

Exploring the Chubu region is delving into a world where feudal Japan comes to life; where its cobblestone streets, noble manor houses, and majestic castles effortlessly transport us to bygone epochs. However, Chubu is far from a mere open-air museum; it serves as a vibrant crucible of craftsmanship and tradition, where every artifact, from the resplendent Kaga-Yuzen silk kimonos to the intricate Kutani and Ohi ceramics, weaves a tale of mastery and elegance.

Skiing in Japan

Venturing into Japan's ski resorts unveils a realm of captivating contrasts, where the thrill of the slopes harmonizes with serene tranquility amidst awe-inspiring natural landscapes. From the mountains of Hokkaido to the slopes of Nagano and Niigata, Japan boasts a diverse array of destinations that both challenge and enchant ski enthusiasts.

Japanese Gastronomy

The diverse flavors of Japan are discovered on a unique culinary journey, where each dish tells a story of tradition and innovation. Delight in immersive experiences such as sake tastings, expert-led cooking classes, and samplings of authentic regional gastronomy. Discover the freshness of Tsukiji fish market, savor riverside cuisine in the Akigawa Valley, or experience the exquisite kaiseki in Hakone.


In spring, with warm temperatures, it is tinged with pink due to the cherry blossom. In autumn the landscape turns into intense reds.

Northern temperate

Average of 16°C

March - November

Dry and temperate days, with pleasant nights

which destinations combine perfectly with Japan


What is the best time to travel to Japan?

The best time to travel to Japan depends on your personal interests. Spring (March to May) is famous for the cherry blossom season, offering spectacular landscapes throughout the country. Autumn (September to November) captivates with its fall colors, perfect for photography and nature lovers. Winter (December to February) is ideal for snow enthusiasts, with highly acclaimed ski resorts. Summer (June to August) is perfect for experiencing traditional festivals and enjoying the mountains. At NUBA, we customize your trip to ensure you have the best experience according to the season you choose.

How can I plan a trip to Japan with my family?

Planning a family trip to Japan with NUBA means creating unforgettable memories for all ages. From participating in manga workshops for young art enthusiasts to experiencing the excitement of a sumo tournament or adventures in national parks. We take care of all your family's needs, ensuring perfect accommodations for children, comfortable transportation, and educational activities that are fun and fascinating for everyone. Your NUBA travel designer will plan an itinerary that perfectly balances fun with relaxation, ensuring that each family member has the experience of a lifetime.

What is the best way to travel in Japan?

Japan boasts an exceptionally efficient and punctual public transportation network, with the Shinkansen bullet train being an iconic experience in itself, connecting major cities with speed and comfort. For a deeper and more personalized travel experience, NUBA recommends combining the use of public transportation with private trips in chauffeured vehicles, especially in rural areas or to access unique experiences off the beaten path. This mixed approach allows for efficient exploration of iconic places, as well as the freedom to discover hidden corners of Japan, all at your own pace.

What can I do in Japan on a honeymoon?

A honeymoon trip to Japan with NUBA is filled with romantic moments and unforgettable experiences. Picture private dinners in centuries-old temples, relaxation in exclusive onsen baths overlooking mountainous landscapes, or strolls under the cherry blossom’s petals rain. We can arrange private tours to iconic sites, adventures to remote islands, and visits to boutique vineyards for sake tasting.

How many days are needed for a trip to Japan?

The duration of a trip to Japan can vary significantly depending on your interests and the scope of your itinerary. For a first visit, we recommend a minimum of 10 to 14 days, allowing you to explore the blend of modernity and tradition in cities like Tokyo and Kyoto, as well as experience the natural beauty of areas like Hakone or the Takayama region. For those with more time, extending your trip to 3 weeks or more provides the opportunity to immerse yourself in Japanese culture in detail, explore remote islands, participate in rural retreats, or follow specific themed routes. At NUBA, we customize each trip to fit your schedule, interests, and desires, ensuring a complete and enriching Japanese experience.


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