A mantle of perennial mist covers the mountains and valleys of Rwanda, giving it a halo of mystery and a magical light that enhance its beauty and make it the Eden it was always destined to be.

Gorila bebe Ruanda
“He who listens to the voice of the old man is like a strong tree; he who covers his ears is like a branch in the wind.”
Known everywhere for its spectacular forests and the animals that inhabit them, with special prominence of mountain gorillas, Rwanda surprises the traveler by the renewal that has occurred in recent years and in which, in addition to its natural heritage, life and culture of large cities like Kigali and Butara.
Akagera National Park en Ruanda
The land of a thousand hills...
Rwanda has made the conservation of its gorillas the greatest tribute to Dian Fossey.

Secrets behind the fog


From December to February or from June to October, during the dry season, to be able to comfortably explore the country’s nature and facilitate animal sightings.

Tropical temperate

Average 27°C

December to February and June to October

Warm and rainy days, with slightly cooler nights

NUBA experiences

Wilderness Bisate cena

Moments just for two

Tasting an exquisite romantic dinner among Rwanda’s most beautiful tea fields and smiling as you immerse yourself in the intimacy of Nyungwe National Park.
Centro visitantes Diane Fossey

Getting to know Dian Fossey

Learn about the work of primatologist Dian Fossey and see her legacy at the Ellen DeGeneres Visitor Center near the national park where the gorillas live.
Dian Fossey

The legacy of the gorillas

Explore the oldest natural park in Africa. Venture into the peaks of Volcanoes National Park to privately track mountain gorillas.


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