Czech Republic

Bathed in a golden light, which seems to cover everything with a tinge of aged amber, Prague listens, in silence, how the heart of Europe beats. The Czech capital emerges from the pages of a tale that never ends; a reminder of that bohemian spirit that ignited ingenuities and sculpted eternal cities in rock to bear witness to the brilliant beauty that the human mind is capable of conceiving.

Czech Republic
Praga Republica Checa
“The mad man is a daydreamer.”
Dynamic and complex, silent before the murmur of the Vltava, Prague is a city out of time that fills with life and joy its gray stone streets, enduring to bring the traveler closer to that Old Continent that fascinated so many.
Sinagoga Jubilaire, Praga
The new bohemia
The silhouette of Prague is marked by its hundreds of towers, silent watchmen of the city.

Imperial capital


Prague is an ideal destination in spring, from April to June, or in autumn, from October to November.

Temperate Continental

Average 14°C

April to June or October to January

Pleasant days and cool nights, with temperature drops

NUBA experiences

In the heart of Prague

Unravel the most valuable cultural legacy of the Czech capital on a private tour of the Clementinum, the former university and current home of the National Library, together with its director; having the opportunity to browse the endless shelves of books, get lost in its stories, admire the panoramic views of the city from its tower and marvel at the meridian room.
Parlamento (Senado) de la República Checa. Barrios y calles en la Mala Strana de Praga (Ciudad Pequeña de Praga). Distrito de la ciudad de Praga, República Checa, y una de sus regiones más históricas. República Checa.

Exclusive visit to the Prime Minister’s residence

Esculturas Muse en la fachada de la Ópera Estatal de Hungría en Budapest

The Six-Pointed Star

Delve into Jewish traditions and history with the executive rabbi of the EMIH Association of Congregations of Hungarian Jews. Recreate in the neo-Renaissance details of the Budapest State Opera before attending a private concert or let the ivory keys sing their melody at the Béla Bartók Memorial House.


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Czech Republic