Vietnam is like a spiral staircase ascending towards the sky; always with a new step to climb. A perfect example of the rebirth of Southeast Asia, ancient Indochina brings to the same table great cities of pagodas and colonial buildings with peaceful fishing villages and artisans, to share an arcane and fascinating culture, impossible landscapes and a spirit that fears nothing and desires everything.

Vietnam flores pescadora
“A poem is not something you see, but the light that allows us to see. And what we see is life itself.”
Vietnam’s beauty can only be described as ‘fierce’. It is a country that breaks, hides and twists between its jungles and rice fields, whose green meets the deep turquoise of the Mekong.
Vietnam Mu Cang Chai
The heart of a dragon, the gaze of a tiger and the soul of a poet.
Vietnam is the second largest exporter of coffee in the world and the Vietnamese prepare it with mastery and drink it all the time.

Verses by the Mekong


Vietnam has a tropical climate that makes it enjoy good temperatures all year round. However, the best time is between January and March.


Average 26°C

January - March

Hot days, with somewhat cooler nights

NUBA experiences

Vietnam on the move

Discover all the facets of Vietnam through its most iconic sites: ride a bicycle through the endless rice paddies of Mai Chau, get lost in the narrow streets of Hoi An on a sidecar or hop on a scooter and let yourself be carried away by the energy of vibrant Saigon.

David Thompson, a luxury dining experience

Taste the most surprising and rogue side of Vietnam discovering the fusion cuisine of David Thompson, Michelin-starred chef, for a gastronomic experience aboard one of the most luxurious ships sailing the great river of Southeast Asia.
Vietnam Hue

Explore the imperial citadel before anyone else with a historian

Stroll through the stone courtyards and cross the golden gates of the imperial citadel of Hue, exclusively and before its opening to the public, with an expert historian to learn all the secrets of this key place in the legacy of Vietnam.


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