Like a call for hope coming from the horizon, like the crackling of a fire glowing in the dark night, Kenya is the greatest of Africa's hidden surprises. It is a land of dreams and hope, a paradise for the people who inhabit it and a surprise for the traveler who discovers places where the old ways run like a cheetah in freedom.

El monte Kilimanjaro con una manada de elefantes  Kenia
“The cure for everything is always salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.”
This country with a wild heart and a storyteller’s soul has learned to walk to the rhythm of its two worlds: the one that lives in nature, among the animals and acacias of the Masai Mara, and the one that spins and spins endlessly in cities like Nairobi, where modernity becomes art and prosperity for its inhabitants. Kenya is a beacon for the continent and a diamond in the rough for the traveler.
Manada de elefantes africanos frente al Kilimanjaro Kenia
A beacon for the continent and a diamond in the rough for the traveler
Centuries ago, its people gave Kenya the greatest gift of all, giving it its name. They called it ‘Splendor’ in their language, because they understood that the brightness of the sun setting over its infinite boundary, the colors with which its sky is lit and the shadow of its wild fauna spreading over the savannah were its most valuable treasures.

Adventure time


The most authentic Kenya is enjoyed in the months of July to September and January to February, with less frequent rains that allow easy travel around the country.

Tropical dry

Average 25°C

July to September and January to February

Days with mild, slightly warm temperatures, and cool nights

NUBA experiences

Sobrevuela Turkana

Flying over the blues of Turkana

Contemplate from a helicopter the infinite islands and volcanoes of Lake Turkana, the largest lake in Kenya, as if it were a living canvas stretching to the horizon. Land at the foot of a crater to enjoy a snack in a privileged environment.
Rangers masai mara

Discover the work of the rangers in Maasai Mara

To curb poaching and loss of elephant territory with the rangers of the Mara Elephant Project by implanting state-of-the-art tracking collars on Masai Mara elephants.

In the footsteps of the rhinoceros

Live an immersive experience in total contact with nature. Join a research patrol and accompany them as they analyze the ecosystem and behavior of rhinos, an endangered species, to protect and learn more about them.


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