United Arab Emirates

Although they may seem like a mirage, because of their impossible architecture and because they appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the desert, the megalopolises of Dubai and Abu Dhabi are very real fantasies. Temples built by and for modernity, these sister cities have made luxury and innovation their personal brand, filling their streets with unique places and monuments in the world, but also respecting the most traditional side of their culture.

United Arab Emirates
Vista de edificios en Dubai
“The word ‘impossible’ is not in leaders’ dictionaries. No matter how great the challenges, faith and determination will overcome them.”
Built like an oasis in the midst of the devastating beauty of the desert, the cities are able to surprise and conquer anyone who visits them with their modernity, size and atmosphere.
A single black car scaling giant sand dunes in the Empty Quarter desert
New trails in the desert
It’s easy to fall in love with its cloud-like golden towers, exclusive boutiques, grand marble avenues and spice-scented souks.

The land of wonders


From November to April, during the Emirati winter, with milder temperatures to enjoy the wonders of the country without being too hot.


Average 32°C

November to April

Very hot days and pleasant, but warm, nights

NUBA experiences

Dubái & Abu Dabi dunas conducción

Travel through dunes in an unstoppable vehicle

Jump across the dunes of the Dubai desert and feel the power and adrenaline at the wheel of a Jeep Wrangler, a vehicle modified to be unstoppable on any terrain.
Dubái & Abu Dabi conduccion-aston-martin

Speed and adrenaline

Get behind the wheel of a luxurious Aston Martin GT4 or an F-300 and feel the real speed at the Yas Marina Formula 1 circuit, with a private instructor as co-driver. Listen to the whirring of the cars at full speed while watching a professional race, on the track and with a delicious brunch.
Dubái & Abu Dabi Deep Dive

Under the waters of Deep Dive Dubai

Jump into the Deep Dive Dubai pool and dive 60 meters deep through the underwater streets of this 21st century Atlantis, having the opportunity to explore its aquatic secrets together with a team of diving professionals.


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United Arab Emirates