New Zealand

With the powerful force of a Maori haka and the innocence of a Kiwi bird's gaze, New Zealand cuts through the fog and the ocean to rise as one of the most complete destinations in the world. So distant in thought and so friendly once you are there, the archipelago gathers in its islands lush forests, fine sandy beaches, mountains of fantasy and fjords of unsuspected beauty.

New Zealand
Milford Sound Nueva Zelanda
“Reading is a very creative activity, not something passive. I write a story, it goes out into the world, someone reads it and, upon reading it, completes it.”
In its mixed-race towns and Maori communal houses, stories are told of a magical place that welcomes all and respects all. A place they call ‘home’.
Parapente Nueva Zelanda
Mysterious and changing, full of impossible landscapes.
Mountains that seem ready to grow until they reach the sky, fjords and glaciers that dazzle with their blue and beaches from which to listen to the tales of yesteryear.

Land of the white cloud


From November to April, when temperatures are mild, allowing you to enjoy more of New Zealand’s amazing nature.

Oceanic temperate

18°C average

November to April

Pleasant days, with changing weather conditions

NUBA experiences

Experience history in the only castle in Oceania

To be the kings of the only castle in all of Oceania, Larnach Castle, in the company of its current owner. Make the hands of time turn in the opposite direction and relive the stories that took place in the rooms and gardens of the fortress.
Nueva Zelanda Arte autóctono

Meeting with New Zealand artists

Let one’s personal tastes guide this experience and meet a renowned New Zealand artist. Chat and learn at the same time in an immersive visit to the world of painting, sculpture or photography, among other disciplines.
Nueva Zelanda Whakaari Island

Fly over White Island by seaplane

Take a seat next to the clouds and contemplate the immense semi-sunken crater of White Island, while flying over this spectacular island in a seaplane.


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New Zealand