Top 5 Easter Destinations 2023

Easter is coming and, with it, the long-awaited moment to embark on the first adventure of the year. Still one of the favorite times of our great travelers – with the gradual rise in temperatures and longer days – it is the ideal time to be the first to discover new destinations, away from the crowds that arrive in the summer months.

One more year, we have decided to go out of the conventional routes marked on the maps, with a surprising and extraordinary collection of NUBA experiences for your next tailor-made trip. Faraway places, exotic lands or lost deserts…

Do you want to know where to travel at Easter?

Join us to discover the Top 5 Destinations of 2023 for a luxury experience!

SCOTLAND | The Kingdom of the Highlands

Scotland is a land of lions, from its shields to its mountains. Fierce, agile and with a beauty that one is only able to understand when one comes face to face with her. It is seen in its people, warrior poets who walk with a song on their lips and a burning fire in their hearts, ready to welcome and receive the stranger who visits them.

It is noticeable in its Highlands, which are lost above the clouds and linger as a remnant of those giants who carved them eons ago. It is felt in its dark stone cities and its landscapes with whiskey rivers where the winds, rather than whistling, roar.

Here are our recommendations for your private trip to Scotland:

NUBA Experiences
  • Stay in an imposing 19th century Victorian-style mansion in the very heart of the Scottish Highlands , and be part of the project of protection and reintroduction of endangered wildlife that they carry out there.
  • Fly over the spectacular scenery that stretches along the southern tip of Loch Lomond, aboard a unique seaplane, observing from the air the islands that mark the Highland border fault line, before heading north to see the incredible Arrochar Alps.
  • Travel to the remote archipelago of St. Kitts and Nevis. You can visit St. Kilda to learn all its secrets; spot minke whales and dolphins along the way, fly over the different islands by helicopter, explore a biosphere reserve with a naturalist to discover the birds that inhabit it, or visit the abandoned village of the Kildans to learn about their history.

For even more exclusivity, stay at The Gleneagles Hotel and enjoy Scotland’s only 2 Michelin star restaurant.

Castillo en Escocia

NORWAY : Immaculate nature

Only when the sky explodes in greens and violets, and a myriad of white stretches before your eyes, do you understand that you have arrived in the far north, where distances seem to lose importance.

Pure ice, dazzling under the sun, and other blues that extend like a sea on which to walk, welcome us to the Norwegian Arctic, like a postcard of untouched beauty, oblivious to human contact. The top of the world is a land of mystery and adventure, where bears, wolves and ice reign.

Here are our recommendations for your private trip to Norway:

NUBA Experiences
  • Take an enigmatic safari to discover the white-tailed eagles, from Svolvær to the majestic Troll Fjord. A modern way to experience a classic Lofoten adventure, where we will explore the majestic peaks and stunning natural scenery, in absolute silence, from our private speedboat.
  • Pet the soft fur of an arctic wolf and learn more about its nature in an innovative refuge that unites luxury and direct contact with these animals. Experience the bond that arises between human and animal by visiting the sanctuary in private, outside of opening hours.
  • Embark on a journey to the top of the world on a seaplane safari above the Polar Circle. Tour this ever-frosty land and land to play golf on the world’s northernmost course under the midnight sun, before camping under the stars and admiring the northern lights.

Experience nature at one of Norway’s most exclusive lodges, Sorrisniva Arctic Wilderness Lodge.

Islas nevadas Noruega

BRAZIL | Wildlife sanctuary

To speak of Brazil is to speak of a land of magic, romance and music. A place as colorful as its macaws and toucans, and with an energy as thunderous as the Iguazu Falls themselves.

With explosive nature and a fervent cosmopolitan spirit, the country offers a range of worlds and realities to anyone who is willing to explore it and get to know its true face. Like a carnival that never ends, Brazil captivates and gets even the rock itself to dance.

Here are our recommendations for your private trip to Brazil:

NUBA Experiences
  • Become champions of the jaguar and other endangered Amazonian animals, together with the conservation team of the Onçafari Jaguar Project, following the trail of this big cat and meeting the orphaned cubs of the rehabilitation center.
  • Enjoy a unique diving experience, embarking on a private catamaran tour of the Noronha archipelago, reaching two of the best dive sites on the island, to discover the marine life that finds its home in these crystal clear waters.
  • Sleep in a traditional fazenda in the Northern Pantanal, the largest wetland in the world, and go out in the cool of the night to experience a night photographic safari, guided by specialists in the area.

Make the trip even more special with a private villa stay at Refugio Caiman.

Jaguar atravesando un río

NAMIBIA : The country of infinity

Namibia is a place that breathes life. As one of the youngest countries in Africa, the enthusiasm and the burning fire that ignites, incombustible, in those first moments of independence can be found in every corner.

With the ancestral wisdom and serenity of the Namib, a reddish mantle that shapes one of the oldest deserts in the world, Namibia is hope and purity, a safe and fascinating destination that opens the doors to a continent with a lot to say.

Here are our recommendations for your private trip to Namibia:

NUBA Experiences
  • Experience one of the most authentic encounters of the entire African territory, visiting the Himba settlement, where we will have the opportunity to learn about the lifestyle and culture of this tribe, which continues its survival and traditional life in one of the most isolated regions of the continent.

  • Navigate the impressive Kunene River, natural border between Namibia and Angola, aboard a boat, where we will find crocodiles and aquatic birds on our way, in a unique tour that will end with the best sunset we have ever seen.

  • Cross Hartmann’s Valley, one of the most unspoiled places in the country, riding a quad that will take us through the vastness of the desert, discovering oryx and zebras on our way, in a unique safari experience to discover the real Namib in all its splendor.

Stay at Wilderness Serra Cafema, to experience the redefinition of luxury.

Wilderness Destinations

VIETNAM | The Most Romantic Dinner

Vietnam fascinates for the integrity and simplicity of its people, for the greatness of its environment and the emotional strength of a country that, without forgetting the past and its moving history, continues to build a prosperous future.

With its terraced rice paddy valleys, the whirlwind hidden in busy Hanoi and the mighty Mekong that crosses it from north to south, Vietnam opens its doors to all who open their hearts to it.

Here are our recommendations for your private trip to Vietnam:

NUBA Experiences
  • At sunset, with the atmospheric light of hundreds of candles guiding us into the tropical jungle, we will enjoy a private and intimate dinner accompanied only by the sounds of nature.

  • Stroll through the stone courtyards and cross the golden gates of the Imperial Citadel of Hue, exclusively and before its opening to the public, with an expert historian who will reveal all the secrets of this key place in the legacy of Vietnam.

  • Taste the most surprising and rogue side of Vietnam, discovering the fusion cuisine of David Thompson, Michelin-starred chef, for a gastronomic experience aboard one of the most luxurious ships on the great river of Southeast Asia.

Connect with nature and local culture at Avana Retreat.

Cascadas y velas en Vietnam

If you want to travel privately to these exclusive destinations, start designing your tailor-made trip with NUBA.

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