Some came from the west, crossing oceans. Some came from the north, through foreign lands. Others, such as the orangutans of Borneo and the ancient primeval forests, were already there. Regardless of their origins and backgrounds, they came together to build a common haven where they are always welcome: Malaysia.

Langkawi Malasia
“Writing is traveling without the hassle of luggage.”
The country of the sun and the moon is living proof that respectful coexistence is possible, whether in colonial George Town or innovative Kuala Lumpur.
Malasia cueva Batu
Malaysia is a microcosm in itself
A meeting place for cultures and peoples where everything is possible and everyone is welcome.

On the Spice Route


If you want to visit the east coast, it is best to visit between April and September. If going to the west coast, from January to July. The Borneo area is best enjoyed from March to July.

Tropical equatorial

Average 28°C

March - September

Warm days, with abundant rainfall and mild nights

NUBA experiences

Malasia Kuala Lumpur

Fly your own airplane

Conquer the sky by taking the controls of an airplane, with the help and advice of a professional pilot. Flying towards the horizon while enjoying the colorful Malaysian landscape from the air.
Malasia Tapir

Encounter with tapirs in Sungai Dinsum

Visit the friendly tapirs of the Sungai Dinsum Wildlife Reserve. Actively participate in their monitoring and see them up close with an environmental protection expert.
Malasia yoga

Yoga and tai chi in private

Rediscover the importance of taking care of your mind and body in a private yoga and tai chi session with a respected teacher. Regain strength and start the day full of energy with a healthy brunch.


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