Enter a traditional yurt and be greeted by the warmest and most sincere smiles to be found on the steppe. A place around the fire, a plate of food and the promise of songs and stories are the only company we need.

Mongolia Yurt
“I have never found a more sociable companion than loneliness.”
Under the stars, horses and yaks graze and converse, wondering how high the mountains are and how far the hawk flies. That’s what real Mongolia is like: finding a refuge in the middle of nowhere.
Mongolia cetrería
The Mongolian steppe is an infinite mute...
From the memory of one of the greatest empires in history emerges an unexplored place where there is always room for the visitor.

Nomadic spirit


From May to October, with good temperatures and the immense steppe turned into an infinite mantle of emeralds.

Continental cold

Average 9°C

May - October

Cool days and considerably cold nights

NUBA experiences

Mongolia’s last treasure

Sneak into the treasure room of the Bank of Mongolia and be dazzled by the valuable decorative gold pieces stored there: richly carved horse tack dating back to the time of the Huns. Contemplate the collection of coins and royal seals from the 13th century, minted by the great conqueror Genghis Khan.
Tribu Uriankh Tsongol Mongolia

Living the nomadic culture

Learn the steps and rhythms of Mongolian traditional dances with professional dancers. Be hosted by a local Urialkhai family, one of the oldest tribes in Mongolia, to experience their nomadic culture and the traditions that have defined them as a people.
Mongolia Yurt Interior

Private dinner among masterpieces


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