Vista elefante rodeado de zebras en Kenia

4 magical destinations for an unforgettable Christmas

In search of adventures and unique experiences, this year you can turn Christmas into a truly unforgettable moment.

From the mystical ancestral essence of Vietnam to the awe-inspiring wildlife of South Africa, we will enter the vast plains of Kenya, and finally discover the spirituality of India.

And what better way to travel than with Turkish Airlinesa well-known airline that stands out for its excellence and quality of serviceand that gives us the opportunity to reach these fascinating destinations with style and elegance; and whose distinguished reputation has been consolidated with the title of Best Airline in Europeawarded for the eighth time.

man inside an aircraft cabinGet ready to live magical moments and discover where to travel for Christmas!

Vietnam, imperial city

Vietnam is like a spiral staircase ascending towards the sky; always with a new step to climb. A perfect example of the rebirth of Southeast Asia and the constant changes experienced by its people, ancient Indochina brings to the same table large cities of pagodas and colonial buildings with peaceful fishing villages and artisans, to share an arcane and fascinating culture, impossible landscapes and a spirit that fears nothing and desires everything.

NUBA Experience

Stroll through the stone courtyards and cross the golden gates of the citadel of Hue, exclusively and before its opening to the public, with an expert historian, to learn all the secrets of this key place in the country’s legacy.

monks in the imperial city of Hue in Vietnam

South Africa, a world of adventure

Elephant, rhino, lion, buffalo and leopard – the so-called Big Five of Africa – find sanctuary in the savannahs and deserts of South Africa, famous for being one of the best safari destinations and whose animal diversity is matched only by its wide range of breathtaking landscapes. On the shores of the ocean, in a big city like Johannesburg or in a small town that trembles with excitement at the sight of the new day, the people of South Africa leave yesterday behind to, hand in hand and with their heads held high, follow the eternal teachings of their madiba.

NUBA Experience

Fly over majestic Cape Town in a private helicopter, discover contemporary art at the Zeitz MOCAA museum, with a private tour that will captivate young and old alike, or immerse yourself in a thrilling kayak ride among penguins, getting up close to these adorable creatures in their natural habitat.

Aerial view of South Africa

Kenya, waking up with nature

Like a call for hope coming from the horizon, like the crackling of a fire glowing in the dark night, Kenya is the greatest of Africa’s hidden surprises. This country with a wild heart and a storyteller’s soul has learned to walk to the rhythm of its two worlds: the one that lives in nature, among the animals and acacias of the Masai Mara, and the one that twists and turns endlessly in cities like Nairobi, where modernity becomes art and prosperity for its inhabitants. Kenya is a beacon for the continent and a diamond in the rough for the traveler.

NUBA Experience

Watch the sunrise over the Masai Mara Reserve in a hot-air balloon, where African wildlife slowly awakens, land on its open plains, and enjoy a delicious breakfast with a champagne toast.

Herd of elephants with mountain in the background in Kenya

India, real exclusivity

Somewhere in the cosmos, at some point in eternity, a faceless artist took a blank canvas and created a chaotic, unexpected, colorful, esoteric work of unparalleled beauty. He named it ‘India’, and gave it as a gift for daring travelers to experience an otherworldly sensory experience. From pink Jaipur to New Delhi, from the temples of Rajasthan to the snow-capped mountains of the north, from the pristine whiteness of the Taj Mahal to the sacred waters of the Ganges… Only by believing in the unreal is it possible to understand India.

NUBA Experience

A unique experience, to enter the Jaipur Palace in total exclusivity. Discover the rooms of this private residence and soak up its captivating history, ending with tea in one of the palace’s magnificent rooms.

Element view of Amber Fort of Rajasthan

Turkish Airlines, our travel partner, not only takes us to these incomparable destinations, but also provides exceptional connectivity, offering 81 weekly flights between Spain and Istanbul from Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Valencia and Bilbao. In addition, from the Turkish capital, the airline connects the world with its flights to 344 destinations in 129 countries, making it the airline that reaches the most countries with its flights.

Turkish Airlines ‘ excellence shines through, winning Best Business Class Catering, Best Economy Class Catering, Best Southern European Airline and Best Economy Class Seat in Europe at The World Airline Awards.

If you want to travel privately to these exclusive destinations, start to design your tailor-made tailor-made trip with NUBA.


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