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Royal Mansour: Elegance in Casablanca and Marrakech

In the heart of Morocco, between the emblematic destinations of Casablanca and Marrakech, lie two gems that capture the unique essence of Moroccan art de vivre.

Royal Mansour Casablanca and Royal Mansour Marrakech not only represent excellence, but are also portals to a world of elegance, authenticity and unparalleled hospitality. From the revival of a legendary 1950s building in Casablanca to the experience of a private medina within a medina in Marrakech, each of these destinations offers an immersion into Morocco’s rich history and culture, combining tradition with contemporary luxury.

Join us on this exclusive journey, where every corner tells a story and every experience is a celebration of the best Morocco has to offer. Royal Mansour Casablanca and Royal Mansour Marrakech stand before us as two exceptional destinations, embodying the unforgettable spirit of this fascinating country.

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Royal Mansour Casablanca: An Emblematic Address

In the heart of Casablanca, an icon is reborn to capture the essence of the golden years and contemporary elegance. The Royal Mansour Casablanca stands as a living tribute to the historic White City, combining a unique aesthetic with generous and warm service. This new building, inaugurated on Monday, April 15, 2024, marks the resurgence of the White City on the international tourism scene, 70 years after the opening of Casablanca’s first 5-star hotel.

Elegance and Renaissance: A Vibrant Energy of the 1950s

The Royal Mansour Casablanca, located in the vibrant heart of the city, offers 149 rooms, suites and private apartments designed with exquisite comfort and refinement. From its majestic views to its carefully chosen details, every corner invites you to explore Casablanca in chic style and authenticity.

Located in the Art Deco center of the city, very close to the port, the hotel captivates with its luminous lobby, effervescent lounges and an ambiance that fuses elegance and warmth. The spaces, from the restaurants to the meeting areas, sparkle with an energy that evokes the essence of a bygone era, while adapting to the contemporary dynamism of Casablanca.

Gastronomy and Wellness

With three exclusive restaurants, each one offers a unique culinary proposal. La Brasserie delights with traditional and abundant French dishes. The Sushi Bar presents the omakase concept with classics such as tempura vegetables, shrimp nigiri and salmon sashimi. And on the 23rd floor, with 360° panoramic views over the city and the ocean, La Grande Table Marocaine is the place to sample spectacular Moroccan cuisine, especially at sunset, when the golden room is illuminated by natural light.

The Royal Mansour Casablanca Spa, spread over two levels and occupying 2,510 m², offers a sanctuary of relaxation with treatment rooms and an indoor pool. From extraordinarily relaxing massages to Hydrafacial treatments, this spa is the perfect place to rejuvenate after a visit to the gym, with the Hammam standing out as the ultimate memorable experience.

Preserving Heritage

With a deep respect for Casablanca’s historical memory, the new hotel revives a golden era while maintaining the architectural authenticity of the 1950s. Every detail, from the avant-garde interiors to the preservation of historic elements, reflects a commitment to sustainability and excellence.

Thus, the opening of Royal Mansour Casablanca marks the resurgence of the White City as an international tourist destination. In Morocco’s economic capital, art, culture and age-old traditions combine with a contemporary approach, bringing to life a new era of celebration and authenticity.

Royal Mansour Marrakech: A Haven of Elegance

In the heart of Marrakech, Royal Mansour Marrakech is much more than a luxury hotel; it is a sensory experience that captivates travelers with its exclusivity and charm. This emblematic palace, protected by the ancient walls of the imperial city and surrounded by the majestic peaks of the Atlas Mountains, offers an oasis of refinement and tranquility in a grandiose medina.

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A Private Medina: Private Riads

Royal Mansour Marrakech is known for its 53 private riads, each representing a masterpiece of Moroccan craftsmanship. These are distributed over three floors and offer an exquisite and captivating decoration. Each riad is unique, with between 1 and 4 rooms and a rooftop terrace offering breathtaking views of the Atlas Mountains. In addition, they are designed to offer maximum privacy and comfort, creating an intimate and exclusive environment for guests.

Stellar Gastronomy: Four Signature Restaurants

Royal Mansour Marrakech is home to four renowned restaurants, each offering an exceptional dining experience. From traditional Moroccan cuisine to international dishes, the restaurants are led by renowned chefs and designed to satisfy the most demanding palates with fresh, local ingredients. Each meal is a celebration of unique flavors and aromas, a sensory journey that reflects the diversity and richness of world cuisine.

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Wellness and Relaxation

The Spa Royal Mansour Marrakech is a sanctuary of wellness, spread over three floors and covering an area of 2,500 square meters. It offers a wide range of luxury treatments, including traditionalhammam, relaxing massages and rejuvenating facials. The heated pool and white atrium add a touch of serenity to the spa experience, creating an inspiring environment to unwind and rejuvenate.

Elegance and Tradition: Moroccan Art de Vivre

Every corner of Royal Mansour Marrakech reflects careful attention to detail and a deep respect for Moroccan tradition. From the lushly landscaped grounds to the stunning architectural designs, the hotel offers a timelessly luxurious ambiance that combines traditional elements with modern conveniences. The interiors are decorated with noble materials such as marble, precious woods and opulent fabrics, creating an atmosphere of refinement and elegance. Every corner, from the medina to the exquisite riads, reflects a philosophy of elegance, hospitality and excellence.

With Royal Mansour Casablanca and Royal Mansour Marrakech, Morocco opens its doors to the world with two unique destinations that promise unforgettable experiences.

Let yourself be enveloped by the magic of the White City or be captivated by the secret medina of Marrakech, where history and modernity meet in perfect harmony.

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In the heart of Morocco, we find two jewels that capture the essence of Moroccan art de vivre: Royal Mansour Casablanca and Royal Mansour Marrakech.