Much can be said or written about Madagascar, but it will rarely be done justice. This island in the Indian Ocean, oblivious to the movement of the tides, the noise and even logic itself, seems to have emerged from another planet and offers a unique sensory experience just by being on it.

Playa islas Madagascar
“In the jungle, you understand that everything is connected. Each small species, however insignificant it may seem, plays a role in the great tapestry of life.”
Its particular fauna, always observing from the dense jungle, its natural gardens of orchids and avenues of baobabs and its Martian soils, with impossible formations of an intense red, make up the brushstrokes of a fascinating postcard, straight out of a fantasy world.
Baobabs Madagascar
A world unto itself and a new story to tell
Enjoying its beaches and a perfect sea for scuba diving, strolling through its forests with reddish soil and meeting the gaze of a tender and curious lemur are just some of the pleasures that Madagascar has to offer.

The crimson island


From March to April and from October to December, with better temperatures and scarce rains that facilitate the tours around the island.


Average 27°C

March to April and October to December

Arid heat during the day, with possibility of heavy rains

NUBA experiences


To know the most deeply rooted traditions of the island.

To get a glimpse of the ancestral customs of the Betsileos and to dress completely in white to participate in the Sunday processions, unique in Madagascar, in the village of Soatanana. Learn more about the Fifohazan religion while strolling through the nearby tea plantations.
Ballenas jorobadas Madagascar

Discovering humpback whales

Jump into the crystal clear waters surrounding Santa Maria Island and be surrounded by entire families of humpback whales on their annual northward migration. Have the opportunity to swim with these cetaceans and connect on a completely different level with nature.
Tsingy Rouge Red

Stroll through Madagascar’s natural wealth

Walking on what was once a seabed accompanied by the undaunted red tsingys of Irodo, spectacular rock formations more than 70 million years old.


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