South Korea

When the builders and engineers of the past erected the palaces, temples and fortresses that dot South Korea today, they did so with the dream of bequeathing to their people treasures that would stand the test of time. How could they have known that, perhaps inspired by their work, their country would become a land of unsuspected wonders and wonders that smiles as it shares its ingenuity with the rest of the world.

South Korea
Dos Mujeres Coreanas en un templo antiguo con Hanok
“True progress is that which makes technology available to all.”
Korea is the cradle of new technologies, but it is also heir to traditions and principles that remain deeply rooted in its people, from the festivals that fill the year with music and color to an explosive gastronomy, full of nuances and flavors.
Calles Pintorescas de Corea del Sur
A window to tomorrow
Korea is a country that grows and transforms with each new dawn, offering a new experience on every trip.

Neon Pagodas


In spring or early autumn, taking advantage of mild temperatures with many hours of daylight.

Temperate Continental

Average 21°C

April - June or September - November.

Slightly warm days and pleasant nights.

NUBA experiences

Calles Pintorescas de Corea del Sur

A Tale of Two Koreas

Walk through the so-called DMZ, the Demilitarized Zone on the border between the two Koreas, with an expert guide on the complex history of the region and the countries, which have been separated since 1953.

A taste of innovation in South Korea

Let yourself be carried away by the intense Korean gastronomy in a private masterclass. Follow the instructions and recipe of iconic dishes such as bulgogi or bibimbap with a professional chef.
Dos Mujeres Coreanas en un templo antiguo con Hanok

The art of tailoring in South Korea

Choose from an infinite number of fabrics, colors and prints to make a hanbok, the traditional Korean dress or costume, customized and with the help of a renowned designer.


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South Korea