Somewhere in the cosmos, at some point in eternity, a faceless artist took a blank canvas and created a chaotic, unexpected, colorful, esoteric work of unparalleled beauty. He named it 'India', and gave it as a gift for daring travelers to experience an otherworldly sensory experience.

Backwater Kerala India
“The power to question is the basis of all human progress.”
From pink Jaipur to New Delhi, from the temples of Rajasthan to the snow-capped mountains of the north, from the pristine whiteness of the Taj Mahal to the sacred waters of the Ganges… Only by believing in the unreal is it possible to understand India.
India Taj Mahal
A brushstroke on the world's greatest work of art.
India is, like the heart of its inhabitants, a festival that never ends.

The Brahma canvas


The best time to travel to the subcontinent is from November to March, with milder temperatures and clear skies, perfect for discovering the beauty of India.


Average 27°C

November - March

Dry and warm days

NUBA experiences

Seeking peace at the Taj Mahal

Take a light bath with the first light of dawn and breathe deeply before starting the day with a private yoga class. Flow with the movements of this ancient art in front of the iconic Taj Mahal palace, following the teachings of an authentic master and connecting with this unique environment on a deep and spiritual level.
India templo Jaipur

Private experience with the maharaja in Jaipur

Sneak, exclusively, into the rooms closed to the public of the Jaipur Palace to enjoy its artistic and architectural beauty. Sip a delicious tea in the maharajah’s private quarters while contemplating the exquisite work of artist René Lalique.
India experiencia Jodhpur

Mehrangarh and Jodhpur

Learn all about the Mehrangarh Fort in the celestial city of Jodhpur from the man in charge of its restoration. After the exclusive visit, end the evening with a toast in its gardens, by candlelight and enveloped by a mystical silence.


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