Eating is one of those everyday acts that become something extraordinary, a sensory journey that takes us through the world with every bite. Taste the most exquisite culinary proposals, immerse yourself in the origins and techniques that have redefined international cuisine and learn from the most prestigious chefs.


South Korea

A taste of innovation in South Korea

Let yourself be carried away by the intense Korean gastronomy in a private masterclass. Follow the instructions and recipe of iconic dishes such as bulgogi or bibimbap with a professional chef.
Queso Suiza


Cheesemakers for a day

Travel back in time with a particular, little-known trekking route, to learn about the work of the Swiss cheese makers of Interlaken and participate in the traditional process, as it was done 200 years ago.
taller creativo chocolate suiza


All about chocolate

Create chocolates, bars or bars of the best Swiss chocolates with all kinds of fillings with one of the best confectioners in the country, who will make sure they are ready to take back home and enjoy them.
Raffles Angkor Camboya Cena templo velas


Dinner under the Cambodian moon

Wait for the sun to set and, with its rays already extinguished, light the candles and enjoy a private dinner in one of the mythical Cambodian temples. Delight in the gastronomy of Southeast Asia while you glimpse, expectantly, the forbidden dance between the moon and the sacred environment.
Exterior del barco Aqua Mekong


David Thompson, a luxury dining experience

Taste the most surprising and rogue side of Vietnam discovering the fusion cuisine of David Thompson, Michelin-starred chef, for a gastronomic experience aboard one of the most luxurious ships sailing the great river of Southeast Asia.
Australia Sidney velero


Luxury yachting in Sydney Harbour

Cruise the waters of Sydney Harbour on a luxurious private sailboat, taste fresh oysters while enjoying the ambiance of the Sydney Fish Market or spend an unforgettable evening at the Opera House, the iconic interlocking shell building.
Gawdawpalin Temple while sunset, the second tallest Buddhist tem


Intimate dinner in front of the pagodas

Enjoy a private dinner in front of the pagodas. Admire the wonderful temples of Bagan while enjoying a private candlelight dinner.
Perú gastronomía


Exclusive gastronomy

Sit at chef Nelson Vinueza’s table with his family and enjoy an authentic Peruvian banquet with one of the country’s gastronomic references.
Argentina Viñedo Torrontés


Learn all about the creation of Torrontés wine

Live a unique experience discovering the Torrontés sparkling wine creation process in an exclusive private estate. With a team of chefs and sommeliers, enjoy a magical evening with the perfect pairing to savor Argentine cuisine.
Qatar cena con skyline


Savor a delicious dinner with the Qatari skyline in the background

Meet the face of that special someone while gazing at Doha’s breathtaking skyline, with an exclusive four-course dinner served on the heights of a helipad. Let yourself be carried away by the flavors and aromas while the lights of the city light up like candles to illuminate the evening.
Jordania Jerash


Taste unique dishes in exclusive surroundings

Savor an exquisite private dinner in the most spectacular places in Jordan: in the citadel of Amman, at the foot of the steps of the amphitheater of Jerash or in the immortal Petra.
Wilderness Bisate cena


Moments just for two

Tasting an exquisite romantic dinner among Rwanda’s most beautiful tea fields and smiling as you immerse yourself in the intimacy of Nyungwe National Park.
Royal Mansour Marrakech restaurant


Culinary experience in Marrakech

Savor the culinary heritage of the Morocco and taste the best dishes at La Grande Table Marocaine or try an Italian cuisine worthy of three Michelin stars at Sesame, the restaurant of the Royal Mansour Marrakech.
Casco antiguo Oporto


Enjoy an evening on the banks of the Douro River

Toast in a romantic picnic overlooking the Douro River and tour the valley in a private sailboat, exploring the peaceful nature and its charming landscapes.
Deplar Farm chimenea comida volcanica


Taste a volcanic menu in a unique environment.

Descend into the heart of the Thríhnúkagígur volcano, extinct for more than 4000 years, to delight in a very special gastronomic experience: an exclusive dinner of Icelandic delicacies in its magma chamber.
Degustación pan


Taste Icelandic cuisine in a unique way

Taste traditional Icelandic bread in a very special way: fresh from a geothermal bakery, where it is baked buried in hot volcanic sand.
Pesca en Croacia


Sailing along the Croatian coast with a local fisherman

Learn fishing techniques on a small boat on the Adriatic, listen to the stories of a local fisherman and, after a day at sea, taste the famous local oysters in a picturesque coastal village.
Gastronomía vasca


Exclusive taste of Basque gastronomy like a local

Discover the stunning natural beauty of the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve by staying in a private luxury villa and experience the most authentic Basque cuisine in a txoko, a gastronomic society closed to tourists, exclusively.