South Africa

South Africa is the latest surprise in the continent of sunsets. Considered one of the best countries to live the safari experience thanks to its abundant wildlife, nature reserves and infrastructure, its vast plateau and golden coast are the perfect setting to discover, conserve and learn.

South Africa
Viñedos en Ciudad del Cabo Sudáfrica
“We live in a universe characterized by diversity.”
Its people, with their eternal smile, embark on a common project in multicultural cities such as Cape Town, in the wonderful wineries or in the brushes of the artists who revolutionize the country’s culture.
Sabi Sand Reserva Kruger Sudafrica
Vibrant, magical, diverse?
Elephant, rhino, lion, buffalo and leopard – Africa’s Big Five – find sanctuary in the savannahs and deserts of South Africa, a country whose animal diversity is matched only by its wide range of breathtaking landscapes.

Rainbow earth


Between April and May or from September to November, with a more pleasant climate, or from June to September for wildlife lovers.

Temperate Continental

Average 18°C

April to May or September to November

Mild temperatures during the day and cool at night

NUBA experiences

Atrium en Zeitz Museo, Sudáfrica

Visit the galleries of the Zeitz Museum

Contemplate the impressive architecture of the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art in Cape Town and privately tour its rooms with the curator of the permanent collection, with whom to interpret these masterpieces of Pan-African art.
Conservación animal

Get to know the latest technological advances in animal preservation

Learn more about the latest techniques to protect South African wildlife from poaching and work alongside animal conservation professionals, getting up close and personal with wildlife behavior while being an active part of caring for them.

Exploring the untamed beauty of South Africa

Crossing the skies above the Drakensberg mountain range before entering an exciting cycling circuit at 2000 meters above sea level. Visit the Richtersveld National Park and take to the waters of the Orange River in a unique rafting experience.


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South Africa