Solo travel

There are times when you don’t need any other company than yourself. Connect with your inner self and get to know yourself as you explore the world, at your own pace and in your own way. Experience a complete cultural immersion and make your passion the centerpiece of your next trip, with experiences tailored to you and your interests.

Estacion cientifica Antartida


Exploring scientific horizons in Antarctica

Descend to the depths of the Antarctic Ocean and explore a new world, unknown to most, in a state-of-the-art submersible vehicle.
Calles Pintorescas de Corea del Sur

South Korea

A Tale of Two Koreas

Walk through the so-called DMZ, the Demilitarized Zone on the border between the two Koreas, with an expert guide on the complex history of the region and the countries, which have been separated since 1953.

South Korea

A taste of innovation in South Korea

Let yourself be carried away by the intense Korean gastronomy in a private masterclass. Follow the instructions and recipe of iconic dishes such as bulgogi or bibimbap with a professional chef.
Cúpula sagrada en Tíbet

Tibet and Nepal

Capture the magic of Kathmandu

Explore the unique Kathmandu through the lens of a camera with a professional photographer. Walk through its narrow streets, squares and temples while looking for the perfect snapshot and playing with the lights, reflections, textures and details of the city.
Yoga frente al Taj Mahal


Seeking peace at the Taj Mahal

Take a light bath with the first light of dawn and breathe deeply before starting the day with a private yoga class. Flow with the movements of this ancient art in front of the iconic Taj Mahal palace, following the teachings of an authentic master and connecting with this unique environment on a deep and spiritual level.
Parque Nacional de Banff en Canadá


The Rockies like you’ve never dreamed them before

Venture into the inspiring wilderness of Banff in the Canadian Rockies, enjoying a thrilling helicopter flight or relaxing on the waters of Lake Minnewanka aboard a private boat and surrounded by the most incredible landscapes of the great American North.
Visita a solas tuma egipcea


The country’s greatest treasures, just for you

Admire the pyramids of Giza before their opening hours to the public, enter the paws of the Great Sphinx or privately explore the Wahtye tomb at Saqqara, an exclusive archaeological find. Be amazed by the tombs of Nefertari or Seti I, two masterpieces of Egyptian art.
Maldivas spa


A holistic experience

Combining ancient healing knowledge with the latest health and wellness methods to take care of mind, body and soul.
Arrecife de coral en Indonesia


Diving in the Sulawesi atolls

Cross the shimmering mirror of the sea surface and venture into the depths of the pristine atolls in Sulawesi, a diving paradise. Swim among corals and hundreds of fish species that make up the miracle of life under the sea.
Indonesia Templo Ulun Danu Batur


Bali with naturalist guide

Meet the sensual silhouette of Bali against the horizon and explore the most amazing landscapes and places of the island with a naturalist guide. Having the possibility of entering its lively jungles, having lunch overlooking its rice fields and seeing an endless dance of temples while riding a bicycle.
Indonesia orangutan Borneo


In search of orangutans in Borneo

Embark on a search for the curious Bornean orangutan, symbol of this region, walking through its dense jungle in the company of expert guides.
Laos taller de seda


Lao silk, ancestral art

Discover the art of silk making and learn all the secrets of this millenary work. Learn about the different types of weaving in Laos, try your hand at the loom or create your own pattern by dyeing a silk scarf.
Laos Luang Prabang


Luang Prabang at dawn

Watching the sun rise over the mountains surrounding Luang Prabang and witnessing the ceremony of delivering food to the Buddhist monks; the tak bat.
Laos, Luang Prabang by the Mekong River in Asia


An encounter with a photographer and writer

Get off the beaten path and into the most unknown Laos to reach the residence of Hans Berger, writer and photographer, who will share the secrets of his Buddhist photography archive.
Camboya pueblo Khemr


Angkor by helicopter

Camboya puerta Angkor


Live like a local in the Khmer village

Feel part of Khmer, a small indigenous village, where you can collaborate with daily activities and chores such as harvesting rice paddies, weaving or learning how to prepare a typical lunch.
Camboia Wat Athvea


Wat Athvea, a private Buddhist ceremony

Delve into Cambodia’s Buddhist tradition at Wat Athvea, a 12th century temple still in operation today, where you can participate in a private ceremony and receive a water blessing from its monks.
Calles nocturnas de Bangkok


Bangkok by night

Walk the lively backstreets of Bangkok, from the historic Charoen Krung Road, and sneak privately into the city’s most renowned galleries. Finish the evening discovering the multifaceted Thai gastronomy with a tour of its street stalls.
Tailandia Artesano


Thai art in a centuries-old village

Delve into the Thai painting tradition in a 200-year-old village inhabited by artists and restorers. To have the opportunity to put into practice everything learned in this idyllic environment for creativity.
Tailandia bubha yoga


Yoga at Gong Wu Pagoda

Feel closer than ever to Nirvana and greet the new day with a private yoga class at the Gong Wu pagoda, with a master of the discipline and the dragons on the columns as your only company.
Vietnam Hue


Explore the imperial citadel before anyone else with a historian

Stroll through the stone courtyards and cross the golden gates of the imperial citadel of Hue, exclusively and before its opening to the public, with an expert historian to learn all the secrets of this key place in the legacy of Vietnam.
Myanmar Archipiélago Mergui


Diving in crystal clear waters of Mergui

Dive in the impressive Mergui archipelago, in crystal clear waters and accompanied by corals, whale sharks, manta rays or clown fish. Board a luxury catamaran and sail the Andaman Sea to meet the Moken tribes and their semi-nomadic lifestyle.
Vietnam mono douc


Protecting the black-footed douc monkeys

Myanmar Bagan


Bagan by bicycle, rickshaw and hot air balloon

A different way to get to know the Burmese city. Get lost in the city of Bagan in a different way by cycling, riding through its streets in a horse-drawn carriage or flying over it in a balloon with the lights of dawn.