Neither clocks nor calendars seem to be of any use in Guatemala, as it is a country oblivious to the passage of time. From its faded colonial buildings to its undisturbed jungles, from its aquamarine lagoons to its Mayan ruins and pyramids, it is their differences that make it unique.

tejido de alfombra de pascua en Guatemala
“Ouch! Guatemala, when I say your name I come back to life…”
The traces of time undoubtedly lead to it. The last home of the Mayan people, the most diverse country in Latin America breathes free, knowing that its essence lives on in the soul of its people and in the heart of its mighty volcanoes.
vista del lago Atitlán en verano
The fire of the Mayans continues to shine...
No matter what you look for, no matter what you expect, Guatemala always gives what you need.

Ash and water


Between January and April is the best time to relax on Guatemalan beaches and visit the highlands of the country.

Tropical hot

Average 32°C

January to April

Warm days and cool nights

NUBA experiences

Guatemala Semuc Champey

Adventure in the Guatemalan jungle

Cross the dense Guatemalan jungle in an unstoppable 4×4 to reach the natural monument of Semuc Champey, spectacular tiered pools of turquoise waters. Take a refreshing swim before entering the nearby caves to discover their secrets by torchlight.
Guatemala ciudad maya

Learning from the Mayas

Follow the teachings of the ancient Maya and gaze at the sky from the ruins of Uaxactún, an archaeological complex where the oldest astronomical observatories of this people are located.
Guatemala paraje recóndto

Profound discovery

Reaching the most remote and remote areas of Guatemala, where only a lucky few have been able to go. Travel by foot or helicopter to the Mayan city of El Mirador, drive by jeep to Rio Azul and Hol Mul or camp next to the local communities of Alaska and Quiché.


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