Experience the freedom of getting lost

Summer is almost here and it’s the perfect time to venture out on a trip that will allow you to escape from routine and discover new experiences! If you are looking for a different summerfull of emotions and unforgettable moments, we invite you to experience the freedom of getting lost in extraordinary destinations.

Imagine flying high and entering exotic landscapes, immersing yourself in ancient cultures or exploring the natural beauty of faraway places? NUBA gives you the opportunity to make your travel dreams come true, taking you to destinations such as Mongolia, Nepal, Turkey, Uganda or the Mauritius.

Are you ready to discover where to to travel in summer? Don’t miss these different destinations!

Summer Collection Vo. III – Leave the conventional behind and dare to live unique experiences.

Nepal | Hidden Treasures of the Himalayas

Something changes in the depths of those who visit Nepal. Perhaps it is the unique perspective you get when you reach the very top of the world; or the peace that invades your body and frees your mind as you contemplate the colorful banners swaying in the wind, while the sacred bells ring in the background. An unusual encounter between adventure, nature, mysticism and tradition awaits those who seek to ascend beyond the clouds.

Here are our recommendations for your private trip to Nepal:

NUBA Experiences

Cross the threshold of the Ram Mandir shrine to see the temple in private, witnessing the Aarti (offering of light) ceremony and puja (prayers) with the Hindu priest, to receive his blessings after the ceremony.

Embark on an authentic journey through the majestic Himalayas to discover Mustang, an ancestral region full of history and spirituality. We will experience the thrill of traveling through these unique lands on the back of a Mustang horse, connecting with the essence of this place that will amaze us with its untamed beauty.

Understand the true immensity of this land by soaring through the skies of Pokhara in an ultralight or ascending to the Himalayan peaks on a scenic flight with impossible views of Makalu, Lhotse, Gauri Shankar, Langtang and the magnificent Everest.

Be the first to discover the new Shinta Mani Mustang and step into a cultural, spiritual and luxury experience in the remote and magical Kingdom of Mustang.

Turkey | Lights of the East

Whether through the Silk Road or as a meeting point between the great empires of East and West, Turkey is proud to have been a place of connection for the world. Its varied gastronomy, full of unique nuances and flavors, and its cultural heritage attract the traveler to a country that has much more to offer.

Here are our recommendations for your private trip to Turkey:

NUBA Experiences

Delve into the charm of Bodrum, a jewel on the Aegean coast of Turkey, and explore from a private gulet the rock tombs of Kaunos, carved into the steep rocky mountain walls more than 3,000 years ago; an expert archaeologist will guide us as we discover the fascinating history of this unique place in the world.

Get to know the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology with the best possible guide: the archaeologist who discovered and excavated the remains hidden beneath the surface! Hearing firsthand all about underwater excavation while witnessing treasures that the sea took away and now resurface again, will be a thrilling experience.

Live a gourmet experience at Karnas Vineyards, a boutique vineyard renowned for producing Turkey’s first Zinfandel, as well as a delicious Shiraz. Here, we will have the opportunity to taste these exclusive wines accompanied by small dishes also elaborated in an artisan way and with local products.

For even more exclusivity, stay at The Bodrum EDITION and discover the redefinition of luxury on the Turkish Riviera.

Tumbas de roca de Kaunos

Uganda | Source of life

Uganda is a small country surrounded by giants, yet its small territory hides as many wonders as its neighbors. Its great lakes, crowned by the Victoria Lake, and the legendary white springs of the Nile nurture and care for this emerald paradise, where savannahs break up to give way to great mountains and dense forests, a safe haven for primate species such as chimpanzees or the legendary mountain gorillas.

Here are our recommendations for your private trip to Uganda:

NUBA Experiences

Feel the sensation of absolute freedom and stillness as we float at dawn in the heart of Africa. Ballooning over the vast plains will give us the opportunity to see herds of elephants, giraffes, buffaloes and a great variety of birds from the sky, without disturbing their daily routine, in a truly special and memorable experience.

Trek into the highlands of the Bwindi Mountains, accompanied by specialized guides, to live a unique and transforming experience: getting closer than ever before to the fascinating and imposing mountain gorillas.

Enjoy a private navigation on the Kazinga Channel, one of the most beautiful landscapes in Africa, and observe elephants, birds, crocodiles or buffaloes in their natural habitat. An idyllic setting in which to feel a very special connection with nature.

Soar above the clouds at Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge, a remote and intimate retreat in the highlands of Uganda.

Gorila de montaña Uganda

Mongolia – Nomads of the eternal blue sky

Enter a traditional yurt and be greeted by the warmest and most sincere smiles to be found on the steppe. A place around the fire, a plate of food and the promise of songs and stories are the only company we need. Under the stars, horses and yaks graze and converse, wondering how high the mountains are and how far the hawk flies. That’s what real Mongolia is like: finding a refuge in the middle of nowhere.

Here are our recommendations for your private trip to Mongolia:

NUBA Experiences

Immerse yourself in the nomadic culture of Mongolia and be welcomed by a family of the Uriankhai, one of the oldest tribes in the country. Experience their way of life and discover the traditions that have defined this people for centuries; from horseback riding through the vast grasslands to participating in ancestral rituals, this experience will transport you to a fascinating world full of history.

Exclusive access to the Mongolian White Treasure Room, which houses decorative gold pieces of horse tack discovered in a tomb dating back to the Hunnu period, a collection of coins that were in circulation in the Chinggis Khaan era (during the 13th century) and unique royal seals.

Make the Gobi desert a laboratory and relive the last moments of the dinosaurs with an expert astrophysicist and paleontologist. Afterwards, we will transfer everything we have learned to the Natural History Museum in Ulaanbaatar.

Immerse yourself in the authentic spirit of Mongolia and its undisturbed beauty by staying at Three Camel Lodge.

Cazadores con águilas en Mongolia

Mauritius : The last paradises

The spiral of a conch shell, the microscopic beauty of millions of grains of sand, the living and changing tapestry of the tides… Everything is perfect and everything fits on a beach. As a gift from nature, a haven of beauty, fresh air and peace; there is no sensation capable of matching the kiss of the sand on your feet, the touch of the sun on your skin, the salty aroma of the sea and the sound of the palm trees as background music. There are no hidden treasures on the beaches; the beaches are the treasure.

Here are our recommendations for your private trip to Mauritius:

NUBA Experiences

Embark on a fantastic sail aboard a private catamaran to reach Deer Island, a dreamlike natural environment where you will discover its exclusive golf course and where you will have the opportunity to explore some of the most spectacular beaches in the country.

Fly over the spectacular white sandy beaches of the island by helicopter, discovering the turquoise lagoons that flood the landscape and make the panoramic view one of the most spectacular in the Indian Ocean.

Discover the beauty of the Black River Gorges National Park on hiking or biking trails, or admire the amazing landscape of Le Morne, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience while connecting with nature!

Make the trip even more special with a stay at The Royal Palm Beachcomber, a tropical retreat that combines luxury and nature.

We invite you to explore the freedom of getting lost in fascinating destinations, off the beaten path, and to live these and many other unique experiences.

If you want to travel privately to these exclusive destinations, start designing your tailor-made trip with NUBA.

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