With the eyes of a child and accompanied by a smile; this is, inevitably, the look of any traveler who sets eyes on Portugal. So often relegated to the background in comparison with other European destinations, the Portuguese country unwittingly becomes one of those surprises that will never be forgotten.

Una impresionante disposición de mesa que presenta una botella de vino de Oporto de añada.
“Love is a mortal token of immortality.”
Classical in appearance and youthful in spirit, Porto is heard in the north between the currents of the Douro and the toast of wine glasses, while Lisbon dances in its steep alleys to the rhythm of fado.
Villa en comporta Portugal
History, gastronomy and dreamlike landscapes are just the starting point.
Outside its beautiful cities, Portuguese nature tells its own story in the fields of the Alentejo and the beaches of the Algarve, like tiles that make up the image of Portugal.

Green heart


The Mediterranean climate and the influence of the Atlantic mean that Portugal enjoys very pleasant springs and mild autumns.

Mediterranean and Atlantic

Average of 16°C

March to June and September to November

Pleasant, warm, but not excessive temperatures

NUBA experiences


Taste an exclusive dinner in a privileged environment.

Take a relaxing stroll through the Frenchified gardens and lakes of Villa d’Allen, a 19th century manor house in Porto, and enjoy an unforgettable private dinner in an idyllic and exclusive setting.
Casco antiguo Oporto

Enjoy an evening on the banks of the Douro River

Toast in a romantic picnic overlooking the Douro River and tour the valley in a private sailboat, exploring the peaceful nature and its charming landscapes.
Lisboa graffity

Get inspired by the creativity and art of Lisbon

Discover the most urban and creative side of Lisbon with a graffiti workshop in the streets of the Portuguese capital, where you can learn this street art and put it into practice with a spray artist.


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