Experience all the luxuries of a hotel of the highest category while sailing through unusual places is possible thanks to the latest generation of cruise ships and yachts, conceived as true floating palaces. Enjoy the intimacy, the best service and the pleasure of going with the flow.

Ruinas de un castillo en el lago Ness


In the depths of Loch Ness

Delve into the mysterious waters of Loch Ness and discover its secrets aboard an exclusive cruise ship and in the company of Captain Alistair Matheson, leader of the Loch Ness project. Activate the sonar and find out what lurks beneath the surface of Scotland’s most famous loch.
Aurora boreal en el Ártico noruego

Arctic Norway

A magical encounter between sky and water

Embark on a unique adventure and sail the icy waters of the Arctic in search of whales and the spectacular Northern Lights aboard a luxury yacht. During the winter months, these majestic mammals enter the Norwegian fjords, coinciding with the peak sightings of the northern lights.
Yate St Barths Caribe


Navigate the crystal clear waters of St. Barths Barths

Crossing the beaches of St. Thomas and St. John. Cross the beaches of St. Thomas and St. John on a yacht or sailboat to do some deep-sea fishing while blue marlins wait beneath the surface to be seen.
Pasaje barcos


Delve into the history and the past of the country.

Venture into the labyrinthine system of tunnels and caves used as a hiding place for ships during World War II or dive the seabed of the Kumbor Strait and Klinci Cave, famous for its abundant marine fauna.
Fiji tiburones


Swimming among sharks in a unique aquatic sanctuary

Immerse yourself in Fiji’s tides to get to know this aquatic sanctuary. Put on your wetsuit and jump into the water to swim among the sharks in the shark sanctuary while getting to know an environment declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Have the opportunity to adopt and name one of the specimens to ensure its protection.
Fiji Cloudbreak surf


Surfing the best waves in the Pacific

Reach the Cloudbreak reef, in the company of a team of experts, and surf the best waves of the Pacific Ocean.
Replantación de coral en Bora Bora

French Polynesia

Discover marine ecosystem preservation with a marine biologist

Learn about the ecosystem preservation work carried out by the Ruahatu Lagoon Sanctuary and learn the secrets of the coral grafting and replanting process with a marine biologist.
Australia Sidney velero


Luxury yachting in Sydney Harbour

Cruise the waters of Sydney Harbour on a luxurious private sailboat, taste fresh oysters while enjoying the ambiance of the Sydney Fish Market or spend an unforgettable evening at the Opera House, the iconic interlocking shell building.
Australia Gran barrera de Coral


Great Barrier Reef in perspective

Admire the Great Barrier Reef from the air or jump into the turquoise waters of a beach unknown to the world on Lord Howe Island.
Maldivas resort lujo


Connection with the environment

To appreciate, first-hand, the link between smart luxury and sustainability and to understand that respect for the environment is part of the new generation. Discover the “barefoot luxury” philosophy, organic garden programs, fair trade and recycling.
Costa Rica Surf

Costa Rica

Exclusive surfing in hidden paradises

Fulfill any surfer’s dream and live an epic heli-surfing adventure on the Pacific coast. With the help of a helicopter, access the most remote beaches and bays of the country to enjoy its incredible waves in a privileged natural environment.
Costa Rica Tiburones Martillo

Costa Rica

Conservation of hammerhead shark sanctuary

Join the work of the world’s first hammerhead shark sanctuary, in Golfo Dulce, and climb aboard a research vessel to help marine biologists track the elusive specimens. Name one of the sharks and follow in its footsteps throughout its life.
México Los cabos atardecer


Discover Los Cabos

Let yourself be surprised by the authentic taste of Mexico in Los Cabos, a paradise of tropical gardens that emerges between the blue of the sky and the intense turquoise of the Sea of Cortez. Get to know the immense treasures that the sea holds by diving under its waters or sailing over them in a private boat.
Tiburon Ballena Qatar


Qatar, Encountering whale sharks

Follow the whale sharks to the Persian Gulf and admire their elegant underwater dance from a private yacht, with all the comforts and in the company of an expert on these creatures, which gather in these waters in one of the largest concentrations on the planet.
Dubái & Abu Dabi Deep Dive

United Arab Emirates

Under the waters of Deep Dive Dubai

Jump into the Deep Dive Dubai pool and dive 60 meters deep through the underwater streets of this 21st century Atlantis, having the opportunity to explore its aquatic secrets together with a team of diving professionals.
Buceo en tofo con tiburones toro

Beaches of Africa

Following Bazaruto scientists in their daily work

Follow the work of the Center for Scientific Studies in Bazaruto, Mozambique, to monitor the effects of climate change on local ecosystems and help their scientists track the mighty tiger sharks and bull sharks.
Safari ártico

Arctic Norway

Arctic Safari

Climb on the back of a zodiac and set off in search of white-tailed eagles in the Arctic fjords or get a close-up view of glacier tongues in an expedition boat.
Archipiélago de las Cícladas


Rest and enjoy the pleasures of the Aegean.

Lose yourself in the blues of the Aegean Sea from a private villa in the Cyclades archipelago, with all the comforts and the most exclusive services.
Pesca en Croacia


Sailing along the Croatian coast with a local fisherman

Learn fishing techniques on a small boat on the Adriatic, listen to the stories of a local fisherman and, after a day at sea, taste the famous local oysters in a picturesque coastal village.
Cueva azul


In the footsteps of Ulysses

Swim in the spectacular blues of Odysseus cave, a natural hideaway unknown to most tourists. Immerse yourself in the shades of this hidden gem and catch a glimpse of the sunset from its rocks.
Navega camino de santiago


The Way of Saint James under sail

Cross the indomitable Bay of Biscay and live the pilgrimage experience in a unique way by traveling the stages of the Camino by sea. Sail to the mythical Santiago de Compostela in a private catamaran with all the luxuries and desirable comforts.