The spiral of a conch shell, the microscopic beauty of millions of grains of sand, the living and changing tapestry of the tides... Everything is perfect and everything fits on a beach. As a gift from nature, a haven of beauty, fresh air and peace; there is no sensation capable of matching the kiss of the sand on your feet, the touch of the sun on your skin, the salty scent of the sea and the sound of the palm trees as background music.

Amanyara playa Turks and Caicos Caribe
“Getting away and sitting quietly on the beach, that’s my idea of paradise.”
With their sand of pearls and gold and their calm waters, with blues that seem impossible elsewhere, the beaches of the continent have been a meeting point and a safe haven in which to set sail, breathe freely and rest.
Santa Lucia Caribe
There are no hidden treasures on the beaches; the beaches are the treasure.
It doesn’t matter where you start from or which direction you take. In America, behind the pebble streets and colorful houses, behind the skyscrapers of big cities and the pyramids of ancient towns, behind the jungles and springs, there is always a beach waiting.

The shores of Xibalba


Between December and May, the warmest months, the Caribbean beaches become an earthly paradise where soft sand and crystal-clear waters combine with a pleasant climate.


Average of 31ºC

December to May

Sunny and warm days, with little rain, and cool nights

NUBA experiences

Yate St Barths Caribe

Navigate the crystal clear waters of St. Barths Barths

Crossing the beaches of St. Thomas and St. John. Cross the beaches of St. Thomas and St. John on a yacht or sailboat to do some deep-sea fishing while blue marlins wait beneath the surface to be seen.
México Cobá

Coba, from the Mayan past to the sacred subway rivers

Discover the resplendent city of Cobá, an important site, on foot or on wheels to reach the pyramid of Nohoch Mul. Change the clouds in the sky for stalactites during an exciting swim in its subway river system, a sacred place for the Maya.
Playas de América Golf Trancoso

Golf in Trancoso

Play a game of golf with the ocean as your caddy and hole-in-one on the courses in the Brazilian village of Trancoso, located next to towering cliffs.


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