Like an oryx walking tirelessly through the dunes, Qatar is moving inexorably towards a dazzling future full of possibilities. A future of which its capital, Doha, is a small sample that prepares us for the wonders to come, with its impossible skyscrapers and its elegant promenade.

“Don’t be like the desert wanderer who leaves only a footprint; knowledge is attained over time and a few moons.”
The future of the country understands the importance of taking care of the past, whether in the impenetrable walls of the Al Zubarah fort or in that desert that dresses in maroon with every sunset.
The beautiful newly developing city with many skyscrapers , shot during sunrise
Tradition, modernity, culture, art?
An ancestral land that is moving forward at a dizzying pace, full of possibilities for all those willing to discover it.

The pearl of the Arabian Gulf


The best time to visit Qatar and its impressive desert is from October to March. During these months, temperatures are warm, but not excessive.


Average 31°C

October to March

Very hot days and pleasant nights

NUBA experiences

Tiburon Ballena Qatar

Qatar, Encountering whale sharks

Follow the whale sharks to the Persian Gulf and admire their elegant underwater dance from a private yacht, with all the comforts and in the company of an expert on these creatures, which gather in these waters in one of the largest concentrations on the planet.
Qatar cena con skyline

Savor a delicious dinner with the Qatari skyline in the background

Meet the face of that special someone while gazing at Doha’s breathtaking skyline, with an exclusive four-course dinner served on the heights of a helipad. Let yourself be carried away by the flavors and aromas while the lights of the city light up like candles to illuminate the evening.
Qatar vuelo en globo aerostático Qatar

Qatar’s landscape from a hot air balloon

Welcoming the dawn and the lights of a new day while flying over modern Doha or the Qatari desert in a hot air balloon. Enjoy the silence and the immeasurable beauty of the landscape in an intimate walk through the clouds before landing and enjoying a nice breakfast in private.


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