Out of the realm of dreams, between the waters of the Mediterranean and the Aegean, Greece appears on the horizon as a destination created on the basis of legends and designed for artists and philosophers who appreciate the pleasures of life.

Acantilado alto con barcos en la isla de Zakynthos en Grecia
“Understanding the things around us is the best preparation for understanding the things beyond.”
Its cities, white because of the old marble on which its temples stand, are today the perfect example of coexistence between modernity and tradition; while its islands are small paradises where men and gods decide to close their eyes and rest. Where life is seen in a different way.
Amanzoe Grecia
Temple to Courage, Intelligence and Pleasure
At the end of steep rocks and tanned beaches, the sea offers its gifts in the form of islands where, still today, nymphs, muses and nereids live.

Marble edge


Between May and October, when the weather offers sunny days and a pleasant climate, perfect for touring the Peloponnese and its islands.


Average of 20°C

May to October

Warm, but not excessive temperatures

NUBA experiences

Archipiélago de las Cícladas

Rest and enjoy the pleasures of the Aegean.

Lose yourself in the blues of the Aegean Sea from a private villa in the Cyclades archipelago, with all the comforts and the most exclusive services.
Restos en Tena

Trojan legacy

Travel to another era by visiting a mythical city. Explore the remains of mysterious Tenea, an ancient world city discovered in 2018 that, according to legend, was founded by travelers from the city of Troy.

Explore the eastern mountains and learn their secrets

Unwind at a retreat in the mountains of eastern Greece and find an ancient 16th century monastery. Get the key to access the interior, where its impressive frescoes and the views from its bell tower evoke a simpler, quieter, bygone era.


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