While the stony faces of the tiki statues seem to scream, the people of Fiji can't help but smile. Born on a constellation of islands between continents, raised by a generous and attentive nature that provides them with everything they need, Fijians live their daily lives in peace, enjoying the cobalt-colored waters that surround their islands, the thick forests that grow within them and the high mountains that guard them.

Playa Fiji
“The islands are paradises and breeding grounds for the unique and anomalous. They are natural laboratories of extravagant evolutionary experimentation.”
Best of all, as heirs to the ancient navigators, their heart is big enough to share their wealth with travelers who come to their shores.
Cascada Tavoro Fiji
Underwater wonders and an earthly Eden
The archipelago is an ideal destination to enjoy a well-deserved rest on its pristine beaches while the dance of the wind teaches us to appreciate the little things.

Among shells and corals


During the months of May to September, at the height of the dry season, when temperatures are very pleasant and the skies are brighter.


May to September

Warm, slightly muggy days, cooler nights

NUBA experiences

Fiji tiburones

Swimming among sharks in a unique aquatic sanctuary

Immerse yourself in Fiji’s tides to get to know this aquatic sanctuary. Put on your wetsuit and jump into the water to swim among the sharks in the shark sanctuary while getting to know an environment declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Have the opportunity to adopt and name one of the specimens to ensure its protection.
Fiji Cloudbreak surf

Surfing the best waves in the Pacific

Reach the Cloudbreak reef, in the company of a team of experts, and surf the best waves of the Pacific Ocean.
Fiji Mountain Plateau

Experience an authentic adventure at Mountain Plateau

Get on the quad and accelerate to full throttle for an exciting tour of the interior of the island of Fiji, encountering some of its remote villages on the way to Mountain Plateau, where you can admire its landscape from above.


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