From the roar and the fiery lava came the calm and the most harmonious and refreshing landscape imaginable. The Philippines is not like other Asian countries, nor like the nations that marked its history; it is a wonderful sum of all that and its own unmistakable character, which hides in its islands an enviable biodiversity and a close and comforting people.

Filipinas tiburones ballena
“Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.”
Everything is beautiful in the Philippines, from its coral beaches to its subway rivers to its rugged mountain forests. Everything is serene, perfect and magical.
Isla en Filipinas
7,000 small paradises floating on the ocean
Its turquoise waters, emerald forests and ashen volcanoes are the letter of introduction to a place that, like first love, is never forgotten.

Calm among volcanoes


From December to April, the Philippines are spectacularly beautiful and show their friendliest side, with clear skies and good temperatures.


Average 26°C

December - April

Warm days and mild nights

NUBA experiences

Filipinas volcán Taal

Taal Volcano, a spectacle of nature and fire

To be amazed when approaching, by helicopter, the Taal volcano, the most active and smallest volcano on the planet. Marvel at the rich geography and overflowing nature that surrounds its caldera and grows with its heat.
Filipinas tejidos

The art of Philippine embroidery

Appreciate the intricate details of traditional Filipino embroidery in an exclusive artisan workshop and understand the significance and symbolism of its patterns with its designer.
Filipinas isla Coron

The living history of World War II

Relive history by discovering the strategic scenarios of the Pacific during World War II. Ride the railroad tracks of Corregidor Island in a 1940 streetcar, fly over Manila Bay, whose sky was covered with fighter planes, or dive among Japanese battleships on Coron Island.


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