From the verses of the great Latin poets, from the chisel and brush of the Renaissance masters, only in Italy could emerge an art as varied as it is inexplicably beautiful. In another era, it spread its civilization and culture throughout the known world, shaping the future of the lands it treaded.

Paseo en barco Lago di Como Italia, Bellagio
“Painting is silent poetry; poetry, blind painting.”
Cradle of emperors and geniuses, it brings together the luxuries of purple and gold with the pleasures of country life. Verses of poets who wrote, on the rock and in the skies, a hymn to life in which all roads lead to the same place: a balcony from which to contemplate the favorite of the gods.
Coliseo en Roma
Sap of the Earth
Home to the history and art of Europe. Its stone roads, evergreen meadows and delicate Mediterranean coasts still retain the magic of the past.

For lovers of simple pleasures


Any time is a good time for a trip to Italy, but spring and autumn in the Mediterranean country are especially beautiful, with warm temperatures and deep blue skies.

Continental Mediterranean

Average 22°C

All year round

Temperate days, high summer temperatures and cool but pleasant nights

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From island to island

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Leonardo da vinci

Leonardo, much more than a painter

Enter the search for the “Lost Leonardo”, The Battle of Anghiari, a work believed to be hidden among the frescoes on a wall in the Palazzo Vecchio.
Médici Florencia

Medici Trilogy

Feel part of the Florentine aristocracy and enjoy the unknown side of the Medici city with Count Vittorio Carioni. Your companion will open the doors of private palaces, secret gardens, closed areas of museums and the best restaurants in Florence.


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