Flying over impossible landscapes, swimming in inaccessible coves and caves or practicing the most exciting sports on the best tracks in the world is the dream of any traveler who lives for adventure. Let yourself be carried away by the adrenaline and put yourself to the test anywhere in the five continents.

Trekking volcán Ijen Indonesia


Ijen volcano trekking

Discover the enigmatic Ijen volcano, where the smoking crater and the blue glow of its sulfur flames create an incomparable natural spectacle. Venture on a trek that will take you through this surreal landscape in the heart of Indonesia.
Surf en Indonesia


Surfing the best wave in the world

From iconic Bali to the remote island of Sumba, Indonesia is a surfer’s dream. With the guidance of local experts, go out in search of the perfect wave, find endless tube tunnels and enjoy the thrill and freedom that only surfing can provide.
Estacion cientifica Antartida


Exploring scientific horizons in Antarctica

Descend to the depths of the Antarctic Ocean and explore a new world, unknown to most, in a state-of-the-art submersible vehicle.
Chalet Pelerin heliski


From the azure sky to the icy heights

Experience a thrilling helicopter ride, contemplating the beauty of the Swiss landscape from above, before landing on the imposing Aletsch glacier and recovering your strength with a snack on its icy surface.
raquetas de nieve nocturno Suiza


Footprints in the snow

Let the full moon light the way and enjoy a spectacular walk through the snow to the alpine hut, getting to know the pristine nature of Switzerland in an original and exciting way. End the evening with a toast while savoring a delicious national cheese fondue.
Astronomía en Suiza


Under an alpine sky

Spend a night in the heart of the Swiss countryside, surrounded by meadows and high mountains, and unravel the mysteries of the cosmos at the prestigious Astroval observatory, with the guidance of an expert astronomer.
Parque Nacional de Banff en Canadá


The Rockies like you’ve never dreamed them before

Venture into the inspiring wilderness of Banff in the Canadian Rockies, enjoying a thrilling helicopter flight or relaxing on the waters of Lake Minnewanka aboard a private boat and surrounded by the most incredible landscapes of the great American North.
Aurora boreal en el Ártico noruego

Arctic Norway

A magical encounter between sky and water

Embark on a unique adventure and sail the icy waters of the Arctic in search of whales and the spectacular Northern Lights aboard a luxury yacht. During the winter months, these majestic mammals enter the Norwegian fjords, coinciding with the peak sightings of the northern lights.
Bucear Canadá casquete polar


Discover the extreme side of Canada

Discover what lurks beneath the Canadian Arctic ice cap in an extreme diving session, admire the strength and beauty of the grizzly bear in an autumn forest or follow the polar bear as it strolls through a meadow full of flowers in summer.
Hiking Perito Moreno glaciar en El Calafate Argentina


Explore Argentina’s legendary glaciers

Feel the icy magic of the Argentinean glaciers by kayaking to them or walking on the millenary ice of Perito Moreno, entering its caves and caverns to know its entrails or ascending the mysterious Cagliero glacier.
Cataratas Victoria en helicóptero Zimbabwe


Victoria Falls from a unique perspective

Understand how small we are by flying over Victoria Falls, the most special natural monument in Zimbabwe, and see how the earth itself cracks under the unstoppable force of the water. Let the full moon dye them silver in an exclusive nocturnal visit.
Naturaleza Montenegro


Explore the unknown Montenegrin nature

Admire the inner beauty of Montenegro by jeeping through its mountains, reaching places that do not appear on maps and having the opportunity to conquer the peak of Veliki Kabao, 1600 meters above sea level.
Elephant Rock AlUla

Saudi Arabia

The desert sky

Flying over the reddish plains of AlUla, floating over the rock formations that frame the ancient Incense Route and admiring the amazing natural beauty of Elephant Rock and discovering Hegra, the little Saudi Petra.
Free diver swimming underwater over vivid coral reef. Red Sea, Egypt

Saudi Arabia

Among corals

Venture into the waters of the Red Sea for a day of sailing and relaxation, with a delicious lunch in the sun. Jump into the depths of this mythical aquatic world and dive through its seabed, rich in corals and schools of fish.
Fiji tiburones


Swimming among sharks in a unique aquatic sanctuary

Immerse yourself in Fiji’s tides to get to know this aquatic sanctuary. Put on your wetsuit and jump into the water to swim among the sharks in the shark sanctuary while getting to know an environment declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Have the opportunity to adopt and name one of the specimens to ensure its protection.
Fiji Mountain Plateau


Experience an authentic adventure at Mountain Plateau

Get on the quad and accelerate to full throttle for an exciting tour of the interior of the island of Fiji, encountering some of its remote villages on the way to Mountain Plateau, where you can admire its landscape from above.
Polinesia Papenoo

French Polynesia

Papenoo, immerse yourself in the legends and treasures of Tahiti.

Feel part of the fascinating legacy of Polynesian cultures in the Papenoo Valley, where an expert guide will bring to life the legends and treasures of Tahiti while exploring its wilderness by 4WD.
Nueva Zelanda Whakaari Island

New Zealand

Fly over White Island by seaplane

Take a seat next to the clouds and contemplate the immense semi-sunken crater of White Island, while flying over this spectacular island in a seaplane.
Australia Rancho


Australian ranch country experience

Step into the shoes of an Australian farmer and live an authentic country experience on a historic ranch. Take long horseback rides, spend a relaxing afternoon fishing, enjoy a picnic in the wilderness or experience the Australian outback by helicopter.
Australia Gran barrera de Coral


Great Barrier Reef in perspective

Admire the Great Barrier Reef from the air or jump into the turquoise waters of a beach unknown to the world on Lord Howe Island.
Cena en tirolesa en Maldivas


Zip line flight

Fly through the treetops, zip-line at high speed, and land on a platform twelve meters above the ground with views of the turquoise sea in the background.
Maldivas resort lujo


Connection with the environment

To appreciate, first-hand, the link between smart luxury and sustainability and to understand that respect for the environment is part of the new generation. Discover the “barefoot luxury” philosophy, organic garden programs, fair trade and recycling.
Buceo en Sulawesi Indonesia


Diving in the Sulawesi atolls

Delve into the fascinating underwater world of Sulawesi, where pristine atolls offer a diving paradise. Cross the shimmering mirror of the sea surface and venture into the depths to swim among vibrant corals and hundreds of species of fish.
Indonesia orangutan Borneo


In search of orangutans in Borneo

Embark on an exciting search for the curious Bornean orangutan, symbol of this region. Together with expert guides, hike through the dense rainforest and observe these magnificent primates in their natural habitat. An unforgettable adventure in one of the richest and most diverse ecosystems in the world.