From the verses of the forbidden poets, the mixture of cultures and the chords of the guitar is born a jewel of rubies and gold, forged in the same sun and tempered in the Mediterranean. Spain is an accumulation of sensations, a fan of color that transfers its energy and being to the gastronomy, the culture and the joy of its people.

Velero Menorca España
“The beauty that attracts rarely matches the beauty that enamors.”
Moorish palaces and early guitar chords in the south converse with the impressive medieval castles and cathedrals of this place, whose history comes alive at every turn. So different in each region, so unique and special, its character reaches every corner and invades forests, beaches, cities and white villages with that spark that warms and illuminates. That light that makes Spain Spain.
san juan de gaztelugatxe españa
Green eyes and white soul...
The sunsets in front of the sea and the nights of the cities are enlivened with a food with its own flavor and identity and a music in whose roots vibrates the inexhaustible passion of a people that forgives and welcomes with open arms.

A land proud of its traditions, created for music, good food and the best wine.


Any time is good, but in spring the country is even more beautiful, with pleasant temperatures and nature and cities in their best clothes.

Mediterranean Continental

Average 22°C

All year round

Temperate temperatures, high in summer and cool nights.

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Study the stars in Ibiza

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Guitarra Flamenco

Immerse yourself in the world of flamenco with a flamenco master

Know in first person the work of one of the best luthiers in the world in his guitar workshop. Learn from the master the secret of his famous instruments and end the evening enjoying a private concert of a flamenco guitarist.
Navega camino de santiago

The Way of Saint James under sail

Cross the indomitable Bay of Biscay and live the pilgrimage experience in a unique way by traveling the stages of the Camino by sea. Sail to the mythical Santiago de Compostela in a private catamaran with all the luxuries and desirable comforts.


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