Such is the surprising and limpid beauty of Finland that the sun and the moon take turns, lengthening their path, to be able to continue observing this northern European country. The Finnish landscape is so perfect that it seems drawn, out of the pages of one of those stories you read by the fireplace: hundreds of blue lakes that reflect the white of the snow and the green of the trees in a postcard that blends with the sky itself.

Aurora boreal sobre cabaña en Octola Private Wilderness Finlandia Laponia
“You have to take a very long journey before you understand how wonderful home is.”
Between aurora borealis and sleigh tracks, cities like Helsinki shine with their own light, guiding the country towards a dawn that combines its avant-garde design with its ancestral traditions.
Trineo de perros en Laponia. Foto de un paisaje de cuento de invierno. Trineo y equipo de perros en el centro de la foto
Indescribable landscapes and illuminated nights under the boreal lights...
In Northern Europe, design, technology and natural beauty merge in a captivating environment. There, endless summer days maintain harmony amidst the mysterious magic of the frozen winter.

The country of lakes


Each period has its own particularities for traveling to Finland. Summer is famous because the sun never sets and winter is the best time to see the northern lights.

Snow forest

Average of 5°C

All year round

Cool days almost all year round

NUBA experiences


Travel to a new and distant territory

Travel to one of the most remote places in Lapland, by snowmobile or helicopter, and have the opportunity to stay in a luxurious private chalet that pays homage to traditional Sami architecture while offering complete facilities.

Explore the lake region while taking care of it

Taking care of the destination that gives so much by traveling sustainably and respectfully through Finland’s frozen landscape. Discover the lake region and explore it from a private jetty, on a water safari or by husky sleds through the forest.

Experience the Sami’s everyday life

Share time with the Sami and learn about their most authentic customs, such as the secrets of reindeer herding or the most important dishes of their gastronomy, cooked on an improvised bonfire in the middle of nature.


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